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images of 2002

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2002. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

april 2002

03/04/02: A fresh 47787 passes Chesterfield on 6M24. Photo Copyright: Ryan Tranmer

08/04/02: 47789 departing Oulton Broad in style on 2D32 1357 Norwich-Lowestoft, it was working top'n'tail with 47701 vice class 150 unit. Photo Copyright: James Steward

08/04/02: 47701 heading back at Oulton Broad on 2D31 1445 Lowestoft-Norwich. Photo Copyright: James Steward

08/04/02: 47709 at St Pancras before working the usual 5B19 ECS to Cricklewood between 1B19 0932 Nottingham-St Pancras and 1F48 1730 St Pancras-Sheffield. 47703 was on the other end of the formation. Photo Copyright: Brian Sherrington

13/04/02: 47851 at Southampton with 1M01. Photo Copyright: David Wood

21/04/02: The cab of 47973 at Barrow Hill. Photo Copyright: Tim Farmer

24/04/02: 47826 passes Millbrook, Southampton, on 1O38 to Bournemouth. Photo Copyright: Ian Knight

26/04/02: 47197 at Birmingham New Street, having worked 1G10 0810 from Liverpool 'vice-can' - in place of the booked class 86. Photo Copyright: Steve Kibble

27/04/02: 47635 having a bash at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. The only known workings for this event are for 28/04 when 635 worked 0850 Grosmont-Pickering (in tamden with 33108)/ 1020 Pickering-Grosmont (33108 dead on rear)/ 1250 Grosmont-Pickering/ 1420 Pickering-Grosmont. 47635 worked 0G87 1809 Grosmont-Thornaby TMD (with 37216) on Monday 29th April 2002. Photo Copyright: Raymond Rourke

xx/04/02: 47826 at Pickering. Also on 28th April 47826 worked 1150 Grosmont-Pickering/ 1320 Pickering-Grosmont/ 1450 Grosmont-Pickering/ 1620 Pickering-Grosmont. 47826 left there on Tuesday 30th April 2002 with 47853 (had 853 worked any trains?) running as 0Z11 0745 Grosmont-Derby. Photo Copyright: Adrian Scales

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