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images of 2002

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2002. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

january 2002

05/01/02: Although this is listed as 5th January, I think it's more likely to be Sunday 6th January. We have no workings logged for 47783 (above, at Crewe heading south on a drag) on 5th, though on 6th January it hauled 1A44 1010 LLS-Rugby and 1Axx 1630 MP-Euston from Macclesfield-Euston. Photo Copyright: Tim Evans

09/01/02: 47847 during its naming ceremony at London Euston. Again this is noted as the 9th, though its naming is thought to have been on the 10th. It received 'Brian Morrison' on one side and 'Railway World Magazine' on the other. Photo Copyright: Andy Galpin

13/01/02: 47851 at Reading, working 1M55 1916 Bournemouth-Derby.
Photo Copyright: Hedley Phillips

13/01/02: 47828 at Southampton, 1M84 1005 Poole-Manchester Piccadilly. Photo Copyright: Andrew Cameron

15/01/02: 47822 hauling 47846 at Reading on 1S87, the 1418 from Paddington. The pair worked as far as Birmingham, and 47846 was heading to Toton for a bogie change. Photo Copyright: Hedley Phillips

19/01/02: 47841 at Preston, it had worked 1M33 1527 Carlisle-Preston. Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

30/01/02: 47736 at Seal Sands Junction, on an 8X03. Photo Copyright: Ken Short

30/01/02: 47806 at Plymouth after working 1V45 from BNS at 1100 to Plymouth. Photo Copyright: David Johnson

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