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images of 2002

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2002. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

march 2002

09/03/02: 47770 at Dent on 1M22 1112 Carlisle-Preston Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

09/03/02: 47770, 1M22. Photo Copyright: Andi Walshaw

09/03/02: 47770 at Hellifield on 1M22 1112 Carlisle-Preston. Photo Copyright: Paul Hands

09/03/02: 47848 at Blea Moor on 1S54 0550 Bournemouth-Edinburgh via Darwen and Settle. Photo Copyright: Andi Walshaw

09/03/02: 47814, Garsdale, 1S57 1336 Preston-Carlisle. Photo Copyright: Craig Allan

16/03/02: 47746 stands at Dundee on 1A25 0420 Edinburgh-Aberdeen. Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

16/03/02: 47744 at Ribblehead on 1S55 1119 Preston-Carlisle. It returned on 1M28. Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

18/03/02: 47818 at Leamington Spa working 1M81 1818 Bournemouth-MP to BNS. Photo Copyright: Paul West

18/03/02: 47826 at Paddington after 1V59 0914 MP-Paddington. Photo Copyright: James Steward

23/03/02: On this day 47309 was involved in the following workings on the Mid Norfolk Railway;
dead on rear 0950 Wymondham Abbey-Dereham (with 50019, hauled by 31235)
1100 Dereham-Wymondham Abbey (D8069 providing braking, 31235 dead on rear)
dead on rear 1150 Wymondham Abbey-Dereham (hauled by 31235)
1500 Dereham-Wymondham Abbey (with D8069 and 31235 dead on rear)
dead on rear 1550 Wymondham Abbey-Dereham (hauled by 31235)
1700 Dereham-Wymondham Abbey (in tandem with D8069, 31235 dead on rear)
dead on rear 1750 Wymondham Abbey-Dereham (hauled by 31235)
Photo Copyright: James Steward

26/03/02: 47829 worked 1V35 0605 Derby-Plymouth/ 1M40 1150 Plymouth-BNS/ 1V97 1906 BNS-Paddington on this Tuesday, seen at Cheltenham on 1V35. Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

26/03/02: 829 further on at Exeter St Thomas. Photo Copyright: K9

28/03/02: 47829 at Crewe on 1A46 0919 Holyhead-Crewe. The loco then ran light to Preston, as booked, to work 1O16 1530 Preston-Poole. Photo Copyright: Ian Bowland

30/03/02: 47839 stands at Birmingham Snow Hill after an eventful day, it had worked 1V39 0640 York-Plymouth via Oxford and 1Z32 1550 Plymouth-Birmingham Snow Hill via Oxford after the route via Cheltenham was closed. It had however been booked to terminate at New Street. Photo Copyright: Shaun C

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