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april 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

01/04/03: 47746 at Holyhead before 1K73, it worked 1G76 0140 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D57 0522 BNS-H/ 1G96 0852 H-BNS/ 1D71 1221 BNS-H/ 1K73 1549 H-Crewe/ 1D81 1818 Crewe-Chester on this day.
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

03/04/03: 47773 arriving at Crewe on 1G11 1400 Holyhead-Birmingham.
Photo Copyright: Tony Woof

05/04/03: Shunting at Southampton Maritime; 47334.
Photo Copyright: Andrew Cameron

05/04/03: 47798 at York in between 1Z57 0828 Erdington-York/ 1Z58 1830 York-Erdington.
Photo Copyright: Dave36

06/04/03: 47758 worked at the East Somerset Railway, seen at Mendip Vale. It worked all trains on this day as fellow visitor 37798 had failed.
Photo Copyright: David Wood

06/04/03: 47767 at Glasgow Central, it had worked 5M11 sleeper stock ECS from Polmadie.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

08/04/03: Still in Virgin colours, 47818 at Ipswich.
Photo Copyright: James Steward

09/04/03: 47303 at Ipswich.
Photo Copyright: James Steward

09/04/03: 47746 departs Chester on 1D71 1221 Birmingham-Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Richard Osbourne

12/04/03: 47488 at Marylebone on an un-listed working. It is also not listed on sixbellsjunction.co.uk, which shows 47798 worked 1Z62 0852 Bangor-Carlisle to Chester, where steam 6201 took over. 798 then worked 1Z64 1749 Carlisle-Bangor via Shap and Helsby. The other Royal meanwhile worked 1Z59 1604 York-Watford Junction via Doncaster and Birmingham International after 55016 failed after an outward working.
Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

16/04/03: 47787 at Cheltenham on 1E41 parcels train.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

16/04/03: 47750 heads through Crewe station ECS to Manchester to form 1D45 1719 Piccadilly-Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Tony Woof

17/04/03: 47770 at Tal Y Bont near Bangor on 1G96 0852 Holyhead-BNS.
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

18/04/03: 47747 passes Churchdown on 1Z27 0535 Swindon-Inverness which it would haul to Crewe, where 47756 took over, departing after a break at 1057 and hauling it as far as Carlisle. 37411+418 then took over for a weekend tour and 756 worked 1Z18 0815 Inverness-Swindon from Carlisle on 21st April.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

23/04/03: On this Wednesday, 47829 worked 1A55 1132 Liverpool Lime Street-Euston throughout, seen at Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

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