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december 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

04/12/03: 47851 calls at Bangor on 1A77 1320 Holyhead-Crewe, it had also worked 1D87 1052 Crewe-Holyhead - both in place of an HST.
Photo Copyright: Alan Crawshaw

13/12/03: 47709 at Llandrindod on 1Z29 Blackburn-Cardiff which it worked to Llanelli.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

13/12/03: 47709 at Llandovery.
Photo Copyright: Mark Elvey

13/12/03: 47709 calls at somewhere on the Heart of Wales line.
Photo Copyright: Mark Elvey

13/12/03: 47854 at Blackburn which was on the other end of this Compass Tour, which at one point was expected to have been joined by either 47355 or 47488, but in the end it was 47709.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

15/12/03: 47798 at Coventry on 1V11 0855 Warrington RMT-Reading.
Photo Copyright: David Johnson

17/12/03: 47787 two days later, also on 1V11.
Photo Copyright: David Johnson

18/12/03: 47812 at Millbrook, before leaving with 4V77 to Westbury.
Photo Copyright: David Wood

19/12/03: 47798 at Bangor on 1K57 0735 Holyhead to Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Alan Crawshaw

28/12/03: 47818 at Stratford, on the 1330 Liverpool Street-Norwich as far as Diss (the line was shut beyond there.
Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

29/12/03: 47358 at Southampton Maritime before leaving on 4S59 1524 Southampton Maritime-Coatbridge which it would work to Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Pete Norrell

30/12/03: 47791 waits to leave Crewe on 1A32 0620 Carlisle-Euston which it worked from here to Euston.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

31/12/03: 47150 at Birmingham New Street.
Photo Copyright: Dorian Porter

31/12/03: 47358 powers 4O14 0435 Garston-Southampton Maritime away from Eastleigh.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

31/12/03: 47358 again at Eastleigh.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

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