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july 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

xx/07/03: 47710 receiving works attention at Derby.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

01/07/03: 47200 hauled a 5P12 from Ipswich, seen at Norwich.
Photo Copyright: Richard Bailey

02/07/03: 47826 at Stafford on an unknown working, nothing is in the archives for this loco on this day. It did work 1G45 to Wolverhampton via Nuneaton later this evening though.
Photo Copyright: Deiniol Williams

02/07/03: Virgin standby 47841 ran light on Tuesday 1st July from Polmadie to Edinburgh to work 1S25 0420 Edinburgh-Inverness on the 2nd! One of the rarest workings of a Virgin class 47.
Photo Copyright: Nick Chadha

02/07/03: 47841 at Inverness.
Photo Copyright: Nick Chadha

03/07/03: 47839 at the East Lancs Railway, seen at Ramsbottom after the 1800 from Bury.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

04/07/03: 47767 worked this, 1Z82 1910 Victoria-Southampton as far as Hook, 767 suffered a loco fire and would work no further.
Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

06/07/03: 47839 with 57004 in tow at Ramsbottom.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

07/07/03: 47811 at Tilehurst on 5Z79 1442 Moreton in Marsh-Old Oak Common with an HST in tow. The leading FO is missing a window.
Photo Copyright: Phil Bellamy

08/07/03: 47355 and 47303 double head (well, not quite) 4L56 to Ipswich at Slough. 47303 had failed at Newport and 37417 rescued the train and hauled it to Reading where 47355 took train forward. 355 may have come light engine from Southampton to Reading. 355 later worked 4V30 1843 Ipswich-Wentloog.
Photo Copyright: Phil Bellamy

09/07/03: 47840 arrives at Crewe with 1Axx 1132 Liverpool-Euston which it hauled throughout. It was later seen on the blocks at Euston in fron tof 390022.
Photo Copyright: Ian Bowland

12/07/03: 47488 at Derby.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

12/07/03: 47737 departs Cheltenham Spa on 1Z47 1558 Carlisle-BTM which it had worked from Crewe, replacing 47781. 781 had worked the outward journey to Lostock Hall junction where a steam loco had taken the working over the S&C.
Photo Copyright: G.Williams

12/07/03: 47781 at Carlisle earlier on with 1Z47, before departure.
Photo Copyright: G.Williams

16/07/03: 47635 entered service looking like this after its repaint into large logo blue, without the logo initially. This view was taken at Trent South Junction and the working may have been a Brighton Lovers Walk Sidings to Derby move.
Photo Copyright: Mark Scott

16/07/03: 47635 at Derby.
Photo Copyright: Phil Chilton

22/07/03: 47793 at the former Walkeringham station, this was working 7H84 Doncaster-Peterborough.
Photo Copyright: Mikk Holland

25/07/03: 47736 at Coventry, having recently failed.
Photo Copyright: David Johnson

26/07/03: 47715 at Doncaster, at the works open day.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

26/07/03: 47316 at Doncaster.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

26/07/03: 47635 at Doncaster, now with logo, large number, and names.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

26/07/03: And again.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

27/07/03: 47811 stands at Paddington after working 1A52 1340 Plymouth-Paddington.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

27/07/03: Also working on this Sunday was 47815, seen at Reading on 1C74 1833 Paddington-Penzance.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

29/07/03: 47635 at Tallington working to Peterborough West Yard.
Photo Copyright: Ben Martill

29/07/03: 47841 at Colwyn Bay working 1A49 09xx Holyhead-Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Ian Bowland

30/07/03: 4M40 from Southampton Maritime to Trafford Park, seen before departure with 47843 for power.
Photo Copyright: Pete Norrell

30/07/03: 47848 at Slindon on 4M26 Dagenham Dock-Basford Hall.
Photo Copyright: Andi Walshaw

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