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june 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

01/06/03: 47737 departs Crewe on an unknown VSOE trip.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

01/06/03: 47757 departs Crewe on the Sunday only 1G79 1822 Holyhead-Birmingham, it would return on 1D99 2254 Birmingham-Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Charles Baldwin

03/06/03: 47237 and 47298 in DRS multiple hauling 4M30 1915 Grangemouth to Daventry at Coatbridge Central.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

03/06/03: 47829 passing Eastleigh on 6M16 1316 Southampton-Crewe Gresty Lane.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

05/06/03: 47776 seen at Wandsworth Road on an unidentified departmental working to Eastleigh.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

08/06/03: 47826 at Nuneaton - I do not have confirmed workings for this date, but allocations in the morning showed the loco at Willesden, with 47816, 47828 and 47841 expected to work on Nuneaton drags. Can anyone confirm if this was the case and if 826 worked anything?
Photo Copyright: Gareth Williams

13/06/03: 47786 and 47798 top'n'tailed 5Z52 0742 Crewe-Nottingham/ 1Z52 1120 Nottingham-Notingham via Chesterfield, Worksop, Gainsborough Lea Road/ 5Z53 1505 Nottingham-Etches Park VSOE trip, 786 is shown leading 1Z52 at Morton between Retford and Worksop.
Photo Copyright: Mikk Holland

15/06/03: A Sunday and 47810 hauled 1A30 0929 Manchester Piccadilly-Stafford (dragging an AC loco and set), 1D87 1301 Crewe-Holyhead and 1A75 1613 Holyhead-Crewe - it is shown at Bangor on 1D87.
Two other early morning drags were performed by 47828 on 1A25 0829 Man Picc-Stafford and 47793 on 1A33 0917 Liverpool-Stafford. No other drags were booked, including Nuneatons which were cancelled on this date and Saturday 14th June 2003.
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

15/06/03: 47853 and 47839 on an unknown ECS at Retford, presumably in connection with Ascot special on the 19th.
Photo Copyright: Mikk Holland

18/06/03: 47270 at Dilton Marsh working 6V77 1348 Millbrook-Westbury Cement Works.
Photo Copyright: Mark Few

20/06/03: 47787 at Derby at the start of a Litchurch Lane to Toton move. On the 19th, it and 767 had worked a Victoria-Ascot special which 47736, 47747, 47749, 47767, 47773, 47789, 47792 and 47853 had been involved with (no confirmed workings received).
Photo Copyright: Richard Bailey

21/06/03: 47851 at Promised Land Lane, east of Chester, on the return trip of the 1D87 1033 Crewe-Holyhead/ 1A62 1335 Holyhead-Crewe move.
Photo Copyright: Tim Rogers

21/06/03: On the same day, 47737 is shown at Waverton, it worked 1G95 0645 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D67 1021 BNS-Holyhead/ 1G11 1356 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D82 1721 BNS-Holyhead and is shown on 1G11. 47757, 47810 and 47816 were on Nuneaton drags on this Saturday.
Photo Copyright: Tim Rogers

25/06/03: 47841 on an unknown training move at Motherwell from Polmadie.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

27/06/03: 47727 stands at Glasgow Central before working 1E13 1200 Glasgow Central to Edinburgh where the train was cancelled.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

27/06/03: 47782 at Plymouth.
Photo Copyright: GGC

28/06/03: 47756 replaced 46035 which was suffering TPWS problems on this Pathfinder charter, it worked 1Z46 0455 Birmingham International-Penzance from Bristol Temple Meads and the return 1Z28 1605 Penzance-Birmingham International throughout.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

30/06/03: 47843 at Upton Scudamore Bank on 6O77 0737 Westbury-Millbrook.
Photo Copyright: Mark Few

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