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march 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

09/03/03: 47847 at Southampton Central, it had worked ECS from Manchester Longsight just to work 1Z51 1900 Southampton-Wolverhampton calling at Basingstoke and Birmingham New Street, a Foot-ex, which was reported at the time to be very lightly loaded.

Photo Copyright: David Johnson

13/03/03: 47488 and stock stabled at Gloucester.

Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

13/03/03: 47488 at Churchdown on 5Z29, an ECS before working 1Z29 Cheltenham Spa to Birmingham Snow Hill in relation to the races at Cheltenham.

Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

15/03/03: 47789 arrives at Glasgow Central on 1S67 1356 Carlisle-Glasgow on a drag via Kilmarnock, it had worked 1M05 0926 Glasgow-Carlisle. 47843 had already worked 1M18 0556 Glasgow-Carlisle, 47818 later worked 1S84 2016 Carlisle-Glasgow. 47847 though worked 1M34 1625 Glasgow-Carlisle and got a bit carried away and continued to PRESTON via Penrith!

Photo Copyright: Hugh McPhilemy

15/03/03: 47773 shown here at Cheltenham Spa working 1Z28 0530 Milton Keynes-Par heading via Coventry and Birmingham International. The return ran the same route, 1Z29 1637 Par-Milton Keynes.
A round up for memory's sake of the EWS 47s which were given a minor refurbishment and repaint in this period (and rename in most cases):
47727=Castell Caerfilli/ Caerphilly Castle (ex 47615. 727 previously Duke of Edinburgh’s Award)
47747=Florence Nightingale (ex 60035. 747 previously named Graham Farish & Res Publica)
47757=Capability Brown (ex 60002. 757 was previously Restitution)
47767=Mappa Mundi (ex 31405! 767 was previously Saint Columba)
47773=The Queen Mother (ex 47722, and 47541 which is now 773! 773 was previously Reservist)
47778=Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (ex 47727. 778 was previously Irresistible)
47787*=Windsor Castle (ex 47835. 787 was previously Victim Support)
47790=unnamed (790 was previously Saint David Dewi Sant)
47793=Christopher Wren (ex 60003. 793 was previously Saint Augustine).

Other EWS liveried 47s of course included 47744, 47758 'Regency Rail Cruises', 47785 'Fiona Castle' and 47786 'Roy Castle OBE'.
* 47787 did not receive any refurbishment, this was repainted in connection with its Royal status as a back up loco to 47798 'Prince William' and 47799 'Prince Henry'.

Photo Copyright: G.Williams

16/03/03: 47854 passes Blea Moor on 1M64 1349 Carlisle-Preston, it returned later on 1S86 1911 Preston-Glasgow via S&C and Kilmarnock. 47812 was out too and worked 1S63 1409 Preston-Carlisle and 1M34 1752 Carlisle-Preston.

Photo Copyright: Andi Walshaw

16/03/03: 47854 again at Blea Moor.

Photo Copyright: Andi Walshaw

16/03/03: 47812 'Pride of Eastleigh' as mentioned above, worked 1S63 1409 Preston-Carlisle and is seen at Blea Moor.

Photo Copyright: Andi Walshaw

16/03/03: 47229 leading 47628 and 47707 in its row of loco's.

Photo Copyright: Chris Gascoyne

17/03/03: 47773 at Retford on 1Z29 1007 Ealing Broadway-Gleneagles.

Photo Copyright: Mikk Holland

17/03/03: This was 47848s final ever working for Virgin, 1A86 1632 Liverpool-Euston which it hauled throughout, seen calling at Nuneaton.

Photo Copyright: C.Beaumont

18/03/03: 47853 was on hire from Riviera Trains to Freightliner, on the 17th it worked 6046 2239 Crewe-Southampton, returning on the 18th and shown above at Didcot on 6M16 1316 Southampton Maritime-Basford Hall.

Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

23/03/03: 47200 and 47309 in multiple at Wymondham. 31538 is behind in the photo somewhere. This was the first occasion that a pair of 47s had worked on a preserved railway using the green spot multiple working facility.

Photo Copyright: James Steward

23/03/03: 47840 at Lunds hauling 1M31 1607 Carlisle-Preston.

Photo Copyright: Andi Walshaw

25/03/03: A dining train that started at Blackpool, 47793 stands at Blackpool North before working 1Z92 1202 Blackpool-Carlisle.

Photo Copyright: GGC

29/03/03: 47839 at Crewe after arriving on 1M94 1744 Cardiff-Crewe.

Photo Copyright: Martin Taylor

29/03/03: 47802 at Glasgow Works.

Photo Copyright: Hugh McPhilemy

30/03/03: 47773 again, this time standing at Holyhead in the sidings before working Sunday only 1K64 1649 Holyhead-Crewe and then 1D67 2026 Crewe-Holyhead.

Photo Copyright: Deiniol Williams

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