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may 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

xx/05/03: 47635, 47756 and 47725 at Crewe DMD.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

03/05/03: 47298 with 20305 at Glasgow Works.
Also in Glasgow on this day was 47701, it had worked 1Z60 0610 Hebden Bridge-Glasgow but failed after Ais Gill, it continued but with assistance from tailing loco 31468 as far as Carlisle, where 90040 was added to the front. 90040 worked the return 1Z18 1726 Glasgow Central-Hebden Bridge (and on to Skipton) as far as Carlisle, where 31468 took over and with some assistance from 47701 heading via Penrith they made their way back.
Photo Copyright: Hugh McPhilemy

05/05/03: 47737 passes Abergele & Pensarn hauling 1D67, also around on this day were 47770 on 1H44 0633 Bangor-CHESTER and 47787 on 1D45 18xx CHESTER-Holyhead, and this was the period when the 1G76/ 1D57/ 1G96/ 1D71 was 47 hauled, with 746 providing power. That turn was a 47 until 18th May 2003
Photo Copyright: Richard Osborne

05/05/03: 47791 hauled 1Z67 0535 Stevenage-Edinburgh, via Settle on this Bank Holiday Monday charter, but failed at Grantham so 47773 is shown above at Carlisle with 791 still in tow. 1Z18 1745 was the return, worked by 47773 (perhaps still with 791 in tow?)
31468 and 47701 were back working again in tandem(?) on this day on a Carnforth-Bath Spa Green Express charter.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

09/05/03: 47810 at Motherwell.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

10/05/03: 47733 at Swinton Interchange hauling 1Z54 xxxx York-Kettering.
Photo Copyright: David Cooper

10/05/03: 47279 at Staverton on the South Devon Railway.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

11/05/03: Also on a south-west heritage railway during the same weekend was 47732 shown above at an unknown station.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

11/05/03: 47732 at Bishops Lydeard before hauling the 1110 to Williton. Confirmed timings of this, and 279s workings are not known.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

12/05/03: 47787 leaves Crewe on 1G11, the diagram for this turn was 1G95 0648 Holyhead-Birmingham New Street (via Bescot), 1D67 1021 Birmingham New Street-Holyhead, 1G11 1400 Holyhead-Birmingham New Street (via Bescot), 1D82 1721 Birmingham New Street-Holyhead. On this day 47756 worked 1G76 0150 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D57 0522 BNS-Holyhead/ 1G96 0852 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D71 1221 BNS-Holyhead/ 1K73 1549 Holyhead-Crewe/ 1D81 1818 Crewe-Chester - also 737 was 1H44 and 739 was 1D45.
Photo Copyright: Tony Woof

13/05/03: 47736 at Maliphant Sidings on the SERCO test train.
Photo Copyright: Russ Evans

13/05/03: 47760 was at the other end of 736s train, shown at Malvern Link above. On this Tuesday, Fragonset 47355 + Freightliner 47358 worked 4M81 1620 Basford Hall-Trafford Park/ 4O08 1913 Trafford Park-Southampton Maritime, the 'coast' locos were 739, 750, 756, 787, with 757 working 1A25 0440 Edinburgh-Aberdeen.
Photo Copyright: David Guy

15/05/03: 47828 at Tamworth on 1A52 1120 Preston-Euston which it worked throughout after the failure of 90011.
Photo Copyright: Steve Kibble

16/05/03: 47757 stands at Birmingham New Street with 1D57 0522 to Holyhead. The previous day 47750 worked this and failed at Wolverhampton, 56087 rescued it and hauled it to Crewe!
Photo Copyright: David Hall

16/05/03: 47224 at the Mid Hants diesel gala, it worked just one trip.
Photo Copyright: Charles Baldwin

17/05/03: 47840 passes Dudley Port on a Wolverhampton-Nuneaton drag.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

17/05/03: 47840 at Sandwell & Dudley.
Photo Copyright: ?

21/05/03: 47747 departs Preston heading north with a test train.
Photo Copyright: GGC

22/05/03: 47303 shunting in Ipswich Yard.
Photo Copyright: James Steward

23/05/03: Freightliner's 47848 at Harrow & Wealdstone working 4(?)M26 from Dagenham to Basford Hall
Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

24/05/03: 47757 at Abergele on 1D82 1721 Birmingham New Street-Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Bruce Garbutt

25/05/03: 47750 worked 1A75 1613 Holyhead-Euston to Crewe, seen prior to removal from the train.
Photo Copyright: Richard Osborne

28/05/03: 47767 at Coatbridge on 0N43 xxxx Glasgow Works-Polmadie.
Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

29/05/03: 47805 at Crewe hauling 4M25 from Mossend to Crewe.
Photo Copyright: David Cooper

30/05/03: 47841 worked 1Axx 1732 Liverpool-Euston throughout, and returned on 1G46, shown before departure from Euston.
Photo Copyright: Steve Kibble

31/05/03: 47840 worked 1D87 from Crewe, shown next to part of 37517 in Crewe station. It successfully completed the 211 mile round trip, but on arrival at Crewe had to be removed from the train by another loco!
Photo Copyright: James Steward

31/05/03: 47270 hauled 1Z47 1259 Crewe-Ironbridge-Crewe from Ironbridge at 1455 back to Crewe after relieving 66561 - shown after arrival at Crewe. This was a 'fill-in' move for those punters on a Salisbury-Crewe Pathfinder trip.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

31/05/03: 47270 on tour and 47810 on an unknonw working at Wolverhampton.
Photo Copyright: James Steward

31/05/03: 47826 at Wolverhampton. Its turn of VWC drags commenced with 1A17.
Photo Copyright: James Steward

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