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november 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

xx/11/03: I have the above listed as possibly November 2003, though 816 appears to have stayed in Scotland the whole time - until I find out the actual date though it's staying on this page - 47816 (closest) and 47830 at Preston. 830 is hauling the pair away from a signal check, they were then driven the opposite way back onto a set of stock for a drag south of Preston hence the marker lights on 816.
Photo Copyright: AEC

07/11/03: 47791 stands at Edinburgh before working 1A25 sleeper porting to Aberdeen. This photo was later requested by Rail magazine.
Photo Copyright: Martin Taylor

08/11/03: 47303 at Ramsbottom. It and 47292 worked:
47303 1030 Bury-Rawtenstall, 47303 + 45135 1115 Rawtenstall-Bury, 47292 1210 Bury-Rawtenstall, 47292 + 47303 1350 Bury-Rawtenstall(multi), 47303 + 45135 1435 Rawtenstall-Bury, 47292 + 45135 1530 Bury-Rawtenstall, 47292 + 47303 1615 Rawtenstall-Bury(multi), 47292 + 47303 1700(?) Bury-Heywood.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

11/11/03: 47776 after arrival at Tallington with empty 6H56 0941 Peterborough Yard-Tallington, after loading with concrete sleepers it would work 7H52 1130 Tallington-Peterborough Yard.
Photo Copyright: Mick Knox

12/11/03: 47854 at Horwich working 1Z23 from Glasgow(?) to Northampton, a private dining excursion.
Photo Copyright: Terry Ough

14/11/03: After hauling 13/11/03s 4M79 2257 Southampton Maritime-Lawley Street through the night, 47829 passes Dorridge hauling the return 4O18 0444 Lawley Street to Southampton Maritime.
Photo Copyright: Pete Norrell

15/11/03: Past Time Rail's 1Z27 0800 Taunton-Paddington passes Nailsea & Backwell with 47734 in charge to Bristol Temple Meads, where steam 60009 would take over. The return was also allocated to 734 from Bristol, this was a 1Z28 2140 Bristol TM-Taunton leg.
47778 also worked on charters on this day with a Hertfordshire trip, 1Z56 0730 Kings Cross-Deepcar throughout, vice 56096 which had failed. It was then on the rear of a pair of 37s which were hauling the tour to Derby.
One final EWS 47 charter on this day was Northampton Saints Rugby Club's 1Z29 0921 Northampton-Bath Spa and 1Z30 1722 Bath Spa-Northampton, though this was delayed by 50 minutes towards the end of the trip because of loco problems.
Photo Copyright: Matt

19/11/03: 47826 and 47841 stable at Saltley.
Photo Copyright: Roger Fletcher

21/11/03: 47773 pulls into Bangor on 1K67 1245 Holyhead-Crewe. 786 worked 1H44/ 1D45.
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

24/11/03: 47786 working 1K67 1245 Holyhead-Crewe. 47773 worked 1H44 but was replaced by 47784 before 1D45 1719 Manchester-Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

27/11/03: 47851 arrives at Crewe on 1P02 0930 Euston-Preston which it hauled from Stafford-Crewe, and 47488 peeps into the scene on its way light to Carnforth Steamtown. 47737, 47840 and 47851 were involved in three drags during the morning from Crewe, the first two loco's ran all the way to London (1A21 and 1A15 respectively), 851 did 1A25 to Stafford for 1P02 back to Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Tony Woof

28/11/03: 47303 working 4S59.
Photo Copyright: David Wood

29/11/03: 47488 at Edinburgh, it had worked Garsdale Railtours 1Z47 0526 Sheffield-Edinburgh. Its final passenger working would be 1Z19 1651 Edinburgh-Sheffield the same afternoon.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

30/11/03: 47376 and 47105 on the GWR, 376 carrying 'The Tayside Liner' headboard carried by 47292 on Compass Tours August 2003 trip to Perth.
Photo Copyright: Duncan Jennings

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