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october 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

xx/10/03: 47714 at Norwich.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

04/10/03: 47853 on the Severn Valley Railway.
Photo Copyright: Gareth Williams

06/10/03: 47714 at Norwich, shortly after repaint into Anglia livery.
Photo Copyright: ?

07/10/03: 47815 at Penzance after working 1C99. On its way back to London it would provide a lift for Original Ronnie from Plymouth, which was attached to the rear. Go/coming the other way on the evenings of the 6th/7th was 47811, on 1C99 on the evening of the 7th it hauled 47813 to Bristol.
Photo Copyright: Gez

08/10/03: 47793 at Crewe after working 5Z88 from Birmingham. It had worked 1Z47 0740 BNS-Kensignton Olympia and 1Z88 1625 Kensington Olympia-BNS.
Photo Copyright: Andrew Royle

12/10/03: Fresh out in this more attractive version of WCRC maroon, 47854 stands at Derby. It had arrived there on the rear of the previous days steam hauled 1Z62 1439 Carlisle-Derby though had worked 1Z50 0740 Derby-Carlisle earlier in the day.
Photo Copyright: Frank Kutta

18/10/03: 47854 stands at Newcastle on 1Z72 1750 Edinburgh-Lancaster, it hauled this charter to Doncaster, 47701 worked forward via Man Vic to Preston where the train terminated because of engineering works. The outward run was 1Z71 0603 Lancaster-Edinburgh and 854 hauled this to Doncaster for 701 forward.
Photo Copyright: Martin Taylor

18/10/03: The first charter pairing of silver Cotswold 47s was this Pathfinder 1Z37 0715 Newport-Peterborough West Yard, which 47316 and 47200 hauled im multiple from Doncaster Royal Mail Terminal to Peterborough West Yard.
Photo Copyright: Ray Chamberlain

23/10/03: 47843 passes through Carlisle. I don't have a record of this working, but on the 24th 843 could be found at Rugby.
Photo Copyright: Mikk Holland

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