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september 2003

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2003. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

xx/09/03: 47717 at Derby Etches Park after moving from storage at Crewe Basford Hall to its new Fragonset home.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

xx/09/03: 47732 at Derby.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

06/09/03: 47145 shunting 47715 at Derby.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

07/09/03: A week after its final ever mainline passenger run on 'The Tayside Line', 47292 performed at the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway, seen with 47643 in tow and departing Bo'ness at 1610. 292 worked on the ELR in November also.
Photo Copyright: Nick Chadha

08/09/03: 47635 hauling 1D67 1021 BNS-Holyhead at Dudley Port.
Photo Copyright: Phil Gosling

08/09/03: 47799 worked a 0939 Edinburgh to Chester Northern Belle, seen before leaving Waverley.
Photo Copyright: James Pringle

10/09/03: 47815 at its namesake depot.
Photo Copyright: Russ Evans

11/09/03: 1G11 1356 Holyhead-BNS. Other EWaS loco's on passenger trains on this Thursday were 47739 on 1H44 0638 Bangor-Man Pic and 1D45 1719 return, 47773 on 1A64 1327 Man Pic-Euston from Stafford, and 47784 working 1A25 0440 Edinburgh-Aberdeen and 1B16 2140 Aberdeen-Edinburgh again. 47785 would work the following days 1D45
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

16/09/03: 47200 collecting 47316 from Doncaster Wabtec.
Photo Copyright: David Cooper

19/09/03: A number-less 47117 at Loughborough GCR on the 1434 from Leicester North.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

20/09/03: 47714 at Stratford hauling 1Pxx 1200 Liverpool St-Norwich throughout.
Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

20/09/03: A clag view of the same working at Stratford. Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

23/09/03: 47785 at Chester having worked 1G95 from Holyhead to BNS and then 1D67 1021 BNS-Holyhead to here and having been cancelled because of dragging brakes on one of the carriages. The remainder of the turn was covered by a 175, 47732 had worked 1H44 that morning - it's possible that 785 worked the evening 1D45 from Manchester though, as it was at Holyhead by the morning but this was not confirmed at the time. 785 failed later in the week, itself having brake problems and was in the WNTR pool by the 29th.
Photo Copyright: David Johnson

24/09/03: 47732 at Birmingham New Street on First North Westerns 1D67 1021 BNS-Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Ray Honke

25/09/03: 47785 at Holyhead before working 1G11 1356 Holyhead-BNS. It would finish its day on 1D82 1721 Birmingham-Holyhead
Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

25/09/03: 47787 working 1F01 1544 Willesden PRDC-Warrington vice 325 units through Rugeley.
Photo Copyright: Andrew Royle

25/09/03: 47818 heading north through Stratford at 1200, it was reported as rescuing 1P02 0625 Liverpool St-Norwich at Colchester in the morning and was allocated to 1P25 0940 Norwich-Liverpool St (dead on rear presumably), and then hauled another train to Norwich as shown above.
Photo Copyright: Martin Hawkes

27/09/03: 47732 and 47830 at Holyhead, the ex FGW loco was about to work the Saturday only 1A62 1335 Holyhead-Crewe, the loco with the ex FGW stock was enjoying a rest after hauling Friday nights 1D82. 47789 was the FNW loco on this day, working 1G95 0645 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D67 1021 BNS-Holyhead to Rhyl - where it failed with a TPWS issue and ran ECS to Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

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