The Class 47 List - August 2004 photography

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2004. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.
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02/08/04: 47501 worked from Kingmoor to Hamilton, and was then seen on 6M30 1540 Hamilton-Carlisle Kingmoor at Holytown. Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

10/08/04: 47298 at Glasgow Works. Photo Copyright: class47man

14/08/04: 47316 and 47200 worked 1Z27 from Chester to Penzance in multiple throughout, and are seen awaiting time at Totnes. Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

14/08/04: 47316 and 47200 depart St Austell. Photo Copyright: Ken Cuthbert

14/08/04: 47316 and 47200 at Penzance, reversing to Long Rock sidings to run-round to haul the return working throughout. Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

17/08/04: 47828 departs Colwyn Bay on 1A23 0527 Holyhead-Crewe. Photo Copyright: Nick Green

17/08/04: 47853 at Holyhead for 1H52 1339 Holyhead-Manchester. Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

17/08/04: 47853 leaves Colwyn Bay on 1D45 1717 MP-Holyhead. Photo Copyright: Nick Green

18/08/04: Working 4S51 0904 Carlisle Kingmoor-Grangemouth and the return 4M53 1410 Grangemouth-Carlisle Kingmoor on this date were 47501, photographed at Coatbridge Central. Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

25/08/04: 47501 again worked 4S51/4M53, with some 37s in tow on the outward run and 66403 in tow (above) on the return, at Heather Bell Level Crossing. Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

26/08/04: 47853 at Holyhead, 1H52. Photo Copyright: Nick Green

26/08/04: 47816 had arrived at Crewe in the morning light with 47851 from Longsight, with 816 to work 1D87. After returning to Crewe on 1A77 1323 Holyhead-Crewe 47816 is seen about to be removed from its train, with 47851 in the background. Photo Copyright: Nick Green

28/08/04: 47812, 829 and 843 (Freightliner) were stabled in Crewe station by late morning for the following days north west drags. By mid afternoon 830 and 851 (Porterbrook/Virgin) joined them, although 830 left for Liverpool on 1F24 in late evening with the other loco's going up to Edge Hill light. All five are seen at Crewe station in the afternoon. Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

30/08/04: With engineering work down south on the WCML (this being a Bank Holiday Monday), north west workings were terminating at Stafford. This is 47841 at Chester on 1A49 0920 Holyhead-Stafford, after arrival at Stafford it worked ECS to Oxley. Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

30/08/04: Again due to engineering works, 47316 and 47813 worked top'n'tail on four return trips between Ipswich and Norwich. 316 is seen at Ipswich after working 1P39 1300 Norwich-Ipswich. Photo Copyright: Keith Webber