The Class 47 List - December 2004 photography

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2004. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.
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02/12/04: 47839 at Gaerwen working 1D65 1017 Crewe-Holyhead. Photo Copyright: Alan Crawshaw

03/12/04: 47832 working a 5Z59 at Stratford. Photo Copyright: James Hawkes

05/12/04: 47810 with 87012 in tow at Sandbach on 1P16 1355 Crewe-Preston, a train from London. Photo Copyright: AJ Flusk

05/12/04: 47826 at Preston after working 1P14 1218 Crewe-Preston. Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

06/12/04: 47810 in Euston station after hauling the 1600 Birmingham-Euston from Rugby to Euston via Northampton because of a DVT fault. Photo Copyright: Andrew Royle

07/12/04: Being hauled around by 33202, 47703 seen at Basingstoke on the rear of 1Z96 1040 London Waterloo-Salisbury. 703 did haul the return 1Z97 1720 Salisbury-London Waterloo via Southampton. Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

11/12/04: Not long to go, 47258 at Booths. Photo Copyright: Gary Lennon

11/12/04: 47839 about to set off from Crewe with the final Crewe-Holyhead class 47 hauled train for Wales & Borders, 1D84 2020 Crewe-Holyhead, which it worked as far as Chester. From 13/12/04 when Arriva had taken over, the turn changed to a lower mileage Chester-Manchester-Holyhead-Manchester-Chester turn. Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

11/12/04: The FGW 47 Farewell special, 47815 at Thingley Junction working 1Z30 0718 Paddington-Penzance to Plymouth, 811 worked this forward due to an AWS fault on 815. It was a 1Z31 1418 return with 47811 dead in tow throughout. Photo Copyright: David Wood

11/12/04: 47815 and 47811 at Paddington at the end of 1Z31. Photo Copyright: David Moorcraft

12/12/04: Due to Midland Mainline guards all taking up the 'not-available to work' option on this particular Sunday, Merlin and Fragonset stepped in to provide 47355 and 47832 for one return trip. 47355 is seen at St Pancras after working 1Z59 1400 Nottingham-St Pancras from Leicester via Corby. Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

17/12/04: 47309 (right), a Southampton Maritime shunter, and 47197 working 6M16 1350 Southampton Western Docks-Crewe Gresty Lane are seen together in this shot at Millbrook. Photo Copyright: David Wood

21/12/04: At Norwich, during the spell of 1V01 0622 Great Yarmouth-Norwich/ 1V06 1905 Norwich-Great Yarmouth being loco hauled, 47714 seen here worked both of these on this day and was photographed before setting off on 5V01 to Great Yarmouth in the morning. Photo Copyright: M.Ireland

22/12/04: 47811 at Paddington after working the previous night's 1A40 from Penzance. 1A40 was the former 1A99 2200 Penzance-Paddington, a change of headcode occurred at the 12/12/04 timetable change. 1C99 was still the reporting 'number' of the 'down' sleeper in the opposite direction. Photo Copyright: Sam Felce

22/12/04: 47847 and 47829 top'n'tailed a Bedford to Hornsey unit move, seen with the translator vehicles at Rugby. Photo Copyright: Matt Dodd

22/12/04: 47358 with 66570 in tow at Rugby heading from Trafford Park to Tilbury on an unknown working, 358 later worked 4S83 1822 Tilbury-Coatbridge to Basford Hall. Photo Copyright: Matt Dodd

23/12/04: 47851 was the Stafford standby on this day, this Virgin West Coast standby turn came light from Longsight in the morning and returned in the evening. Photo Copyright: Bushcutter

23/12/04: 47839 working 1D37 1003 Manchester Piccadilly-Holyhead at Rhyl. Considering the new diagram should have begun on 13th December, it was not until 23rd December when it actually happened - with 47839 working; 5Z43 0645 Crewe LNWR-Chester/ 1H43 0727 Chester-MP/ 5D37 0900 MP-Stockport-MP/ 1D37 1003 MP-Holyhead/ 1H52 1335 Holyhead-MP to Chester where it is believed to have failed unfortunately and then worked 5T52 1540 Chester-Crewe LNWR. The diagram picked up eventually on 28/12/04 when 47805 worked 1D37 onwards, finishing on 1D46 1741 MP-Chester, 28th being the day that a Compass Tour was cancelled before it began due to a very large number of stock faults, 47316+714 would have been the motive power. Photo Copyright: John Myers

28/12/04: As mentioned above, 47805 provided a welcome return to loco haulage on this particular date, seen arriving at Chester on 1D37. Photo Copyright: Shaun C, image first published in 2010

28/12/04: 47316 and 47714 at Oxley after the tour they should have worked was cancelled because of problems with the mk3 carriages. Photo Copyright: Shaun C, image first published in 2010

28/12/04: 47841 and 47810 stabled at Rugby. Photo Copyright: John Edwards