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images of 2005

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2005. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

august 2005

05/08/05: 47355 at Derby, having returned from a long stay at Newton Heath.
Photo Copyright: Ralf Edge

47832 at Frisby near Melton Mowbray on the front of 1Z51 Norwich-Shrewsbury which it had hauled from Ipswich, 47709 was on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Ben Wheeler

06/08/05: 47709 at Frisby, near Melton Mowbray on the rear of 1Z51 from Norwich to Shrewsbury.
Photo Copyright: Ben Wheeler

06/08/05 47854 about to depart Dundee for places 47's have never been before...
Photo Copyright: Jamie McEwen

06/08/05 47826 at Mallaig (I would imagine it and charter partner 854 would find the 'tourist information' rather useful) after arrival with 'the' SRPS tour.
Photo Copyright: Jamie McEwen

06/08/05 47854 at Mallaig.
Photo Copyright: Jamie McEwen

06/08/05 47826 at Stirling on the return working to Dundee.
Photo Copyright: Jamie McEwen

06/08/05: 47818 at Gloucester on standby duties.
Photo Copyright: Chris Smetham

07/08/05: 47828 at Holyhead waiting to work 1A53 to Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

07/08/05: 47818 still at Gloucester.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

07/08/05 47828 about to be removed from its train at Crewe after working 1A53 from Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: James Palmer

07/08/05 Another view of 47818 stabled at Gloucester.
Photo Copyright: Phil Scott

08/08/05 47839 at Rhymney after working 2R38 from Cardiff Central. Crew training was occuring during the week and a demand for a second 47 is expected to see two 47 hauled diagrams on these workings from Monday 15th until Thursday 18th August. It seems there is an intention to keep the 37's going though, so expect the above appearances to be short lived.
Photo Copyright: Cwmbran

09/08/05 47145 leads 1Z14 0720 Worcester Yard-Swansea SERCO test train (standing in for EWS loco's - cue cheering) at Bishton.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

09/08/05 47355 was the other loco, here on the rear at Bishton.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

09/08/05 355 leading 1Z14 at Brockhampton.
Photo Copyright: Phil Scott

09/08/05 145 on the rear of 1Z14 at Brockhampton.
Photo Copyright: Phil Scott

09/08/05 47851 at Bangor with an 'officers special', dragging around inspection saloon 6320.
Photo Copyright: Alan Crawshaw

09/08/05 47851 at Chester with the same working.
Photo Copyright: Dave Bramley

09/08/05 47832 mimicking 839 on 'load 4' in the Valleys, although 832 has four FM Rail FO's in tow, en-route from Oxley to Barrow Hill as 5Z47 at Burton on Trent.
Photo Copyright: Jeffrey Brough

12/08/05 47826 arrives at Derby with a charter ECS, and 145 in the background with SERCO stock.
Photo Copyright: Stuart Wood

12/08/05: 47145 at Magor on the rear of 1Z14 returning to Derby.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

12/08/05: 47355 leading 1Z14 at Severn Tunnel Junction, returning to Derby.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

12/08/05: 47839 at Llanbradoc with 2R38 1650 Cardiff Central to Rhymney.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

13/08/05: 47851 at Musselburgh, returning south to Spondon from the traditional excursion destination of Edinburgh.
Photo Copyright: Jim Nisbet

13/08/05: 47848, back in traffic and sat in Crewe station, about to head back into its home depot.
Photo Copyright: Andy Galpin

14/08/05: 47813, now at Loughborough - and about to see the end of this coat of pain.
Photo Copyright: Sid, ta to 'H'.

15/08/05: 47811 at Standish (between Euxton and Wigan) on its way with old stock from MoD Longtown to Derby.
Photo Copyright: Simon Cross

17/08/05: 47839 at Pontlottyn on the final approach to Rhymney. These services reverted to 37 haulage the following day.
Photo Copyright: Paul Cobb

17/08/05: 47818, at Rugby, with 5N08 Derby-Norwich.
Photo Copyright: Steve Lawrence

xx/08/05: 47765, still at Rushcliffe Halt on the GCR, somewhen this week (forgot to put the date down when I saved the photo, sorry).
Photo Copyright: Gotham

18/08/05: A 66 gallery, hmm, 811 dead in tow on a Crewe-Dagenham working, behind 66506 and with 66556 closest to the camera.
Photo Copyright: Steve Lawrence

18/08/05: Going the other way, Dagenham-Crewe, 66617 with 47816 and 47841 in tow on 4xxx.
Photo Copyright: Steve Lawrence

20/08/05: 47854 at Blackburn with 1Z40 0603 Rochdale to Edinburgh.
Photo Copyright: Daniel Wood

20/08/05: Freightliner 47841 at Bangor with 1D22 Crewe-Holyhead on Saturday.
Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

20/08/05: The other angle of 841 on the same working.
Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

20/08/05: 841 at Holyhead awaiting the return, 1A41 which it worked back to Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Rowan Crawshaw

20/08/05: 47841 at Crewe between its workings to Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: James Palmer

20/08/05: Green Express's Rochdale to Edinburgh charter today, before departure from Rochdale.
Photo Copyright: Mick Hirst

27/08/05: Hired in from Freightliner due to a shortage of Riviera loco's and the high requirement for loco's on Saturday, 47841 worked this service, 1Z48, the 0830 from Manchester to Cardiff.
Photo Copyright: Peter Weber

27/08/05: This would have been the 1006 Norwich to Great Yarmouth, with 47714 at this end and 47316 visible at the rear, but the train was cancelled before departure.
Photo Copyright: Colin Makcrow

27/08/05: Three photo's from the same location, Marshfield, to give you an idea of what each additional working was hauling, beginning with 839 on 1Z47 0802 Man Picc-Cardiff (which had 847 on the rear), followed by 841 on 1Z48 0830 Man Picc-Cardiff, and then lastly 843 with 1V75 0928 Crewe-Cardiff.
Three Photo's Copyright: Mark Thomas

27/08/05: After hauling a Carlisle bound steam excursion from London Euston to Crewe, 47812 and 47853 followed the train north, seen with 812 leading (first pic), and 853 in tow at Leyland.
Two Photo's Copyright: Phil Saul

27/08/05: 47847 hauls 2R30 1359 Cardiff to Rhymney after replacing 37427. 847 had been hauled to south Wales on the rear of an additional service from Manchester which was hauled by 47839.
Photo Copyright: Brian Thomas

27/08/05: 47847 working 2R38 1515 Rhymney-Cardiff Central.
Photo Copyright: Lee Marshall

27/08/05: 1Z50, part of a steam charter, at Alvecote near Tamworth with 47853 (812 was on the rear).
Photo Copyright: Patrick Perry.

27/08/05: 47847 arrives at Cardiff Queen Street with the 1659 Cardiff Central to Rhymney.
Photo Copyright: Richard Armstrong

27/08/05: 47714 working 1V18 1206 Norwich-Great Yarmouth, passing Bungalow Lane near Norwich.
Photo Copyright: Steve Goodrum

27/08/05: 47851 leads 1Z80 from Lancaster to Edinburgh via the ECML through Croft near Darlington.
Photo Copyright: Andy Galpin

27/08/05: 47826 on the rear of 1Z80, again at Croft.
Photo Copyright: Andy Galpin

27/08/05: Edinburgh Waverley platforms 20 and 21 played host to 47826 and 47709 at lunchtime on this Saturday, 709 had arrived with Compass Tours 'Edinburgh Festival Express' from Wolverhampton, while 826 had arrived on the rear of Green Express's same-named charter from Lancaster to Edinburgh via the ECML, with 47851 towing it up to Scotland.
709 worked the return Compass Tours working, going back via the Settle and Carlisle line, while 851 worked the return half of the Green Express tour too going back via the WCML.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

28/08/05: 47709 in Barrow station in the afternoon, in connection with Compass Tours Monday excursion to Cardiff.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

29/08/05: Working this train to Penzance as part of a steam excursion, 47854 at Aller Junction, where the Paignton branch diverges from the main line.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

29/08/05: At the time this was only the second 47 into Cornwall so far this year, and it made the trip twice over the bank holiday weekend, 854 seen at Penzance on the Monday arriving with a steam excursion from Ealing Broadway. The steam loco worked the train back to Exeter where 854 took over again.
Photo Copyright: Ken Cuthbert

29/08/05: 47709 at the front of Monday's 0530 Barrow-Cardiff via the Heart of Wales line, at Felindre between Hendy Junction and Morriston near Swansea.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

29/08/05: 47355 at the rear of 1Z55 Barrow-Cardiff at Felindre (where 709 was also photographed.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

29/08/05: 47355 at Cardiff.
Photo Copyright: Sid, thanks to H.

31/08/05: 47316 leads 47810 on a light loco movement to Oxley, photographed at Water Orton.
Two Photo's Copyright: Steve Lawrence

31/08/05: 47826 leaves Carnforth with inspection saloon 6320, heading for Banbury.
Photo Copyright: Paul Dugdale

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