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images of 2006

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2006. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

april 2006

01/04/06: On the trailer in the middle of the view is the final remains of a cab from 47757 at Thomsons scrap yard.
Photo Copyright: Gaz47422

05/04/06: WCRC 47826 and 33025 leads Riviera 47805 through Rugby, all heading home from Old Oak Common.

Photo Copyright: David Johnson

05/04/06: 47712 after leaving York, 145 was on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

07/04/06: 47813 at Derby.
Photo Copyright: Brad Joyce

07/04/06: 47818 with 47033 and 714 at Kings Norton heading for Gloucester. Presumably a return to traffic can be expected for 033???
Photo Copyright: Natalie Whittington

07/04/06: 47635 – rather lonely at Old Oak Common.
Photo Copyright: Ste Parkes

08/04/06: 47401 at the Midland Railway Centre, with its recently repainted end.
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

08/04/06: 47401 reminding us that despite the weather – it is spring!
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

08/04/06: 47401 at Swanwick on the MRC.
Photo Copyright: Martian

08/04/06: 47401 at Bury. Photo Copyright: Darran

08/04/06: 47709, looking slightly lost without blue carriages(!) at Ely heading for Rawtenstall on the East Lancs Railway.
Photo Copyright: Colin Makcrow

08/04/06: 47703 at Frisby on the rear of 1Z44, hauled by 47709.
Photo Copyright: Ben Wheeler

08/04/06: 47703 at Castleton, which is where access to the East Lancashire Railway is gained from the main line.
Photo Copyright: Darran

08/04/06: 47703 at Rawtenstall.
Photo Copyright: Darran

08/04/06: 47703 around a mile south of Rawtenstall.
Photo Copyright: Peter Weber

08/04/06: Two images of 47703 at Manchester Victoria.
Two Photo’s Copyright: Darran

08/04/06: 47709 at Manchester Victoria.
Photo Copyright: Darran

08/04/06: 47826 was dead on the rear of a steam charter on Saturday to Blackpool, it was present for shunting purposes – and photographed at Blackpool North.
Photo Copyright: Paul Dugdale

08/04/06: 47826 on the rear of a steam charter to Blackpool at Wigan North Western.
Photo Copyright: Peter Weber

08/04/06: 47709 at Rawtenstall.
Photo Copyright: Peter Weber

08/04/06: 47712 and 47832 top’n’tailed a Blue Pullman from London to Chester, photographed with 712 leading at Acton Gate.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

08/04/06: 47712 at Chester.
Photo Copyright: Brian Battersby

08/04/06: 47832 leaves Chester on the return half of the charter.
Photo Copyright: Dave B

08/04/06: 47832 arriving at Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Brian Battersby

08/04/06: 47851 at Colton on a Spondon-Edinburgh charter.
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

08/04/06: 47851 after arrival at Edinburgh.
Photo Copyright: Nick Chadha

09/04/06: 47417 also at Swanwick at the MRC.
Photo Copyright: Mick Hirst

10/04/06: 47818 hauls 87011 and 87017 at Standish (south of Gloucester) heading for Long Marston.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

13/04/06: 47703, 47709 and 47712 head north at Colton Junction for... come back tomorrow to find out!
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

15/04/06: 47712 at Kyle of Lochalsh, having finished with 1Z24 Inverness-Kyle of Lochalsh.
Photo Copyright: Roddy MacPhee

17/04/06: 47402 at Rawtenstall, in use on a diagram on the ELR.
Photo Copyright: Darran Moss

17/04/06: 47709 remained at Inverness as a standby loco, 47703 paired with 47712 worked this weekend trip, on the 16th they worked 1Z26 Thurso-Inverness, 712 was at Garve. I never received timings for this particular trip, so I'm not actually sure what this working was but it went to...
Photo Copyright: William Lucas

17/04/06: ...Thurso, where 712 was seen. Later all three loco's were on a 1Z28 Inverness-Edinburgh.
Photo Copyright: William Lucas

18/04/06: 47150 at Hellifield on route learning duties.
Photo Copyright: Luke Denby

20/04/06: 47805 at York on route learning duties for Virgin Cross Country.
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

22/04/06: Three images of 47640 on the Battlefield line, first at Shackerstone, then leaving there on the 1315 to Shenton, and finally returning from Shenton with 33019 on the 1800 to Shackerstone.
Three Photo's Copyright: David Wood

22/04/06: 47703 at Taunton having taken over 1Z56 1645 Kingswear-Derby from a poorly 45112. Differing reports suggest 45112 was either dead in tow or assisting with powering the train from Taunton.
Photo Copyright: David Johnson

22/04/06: 47854 on a steam charter which it hauled from Birmingham International to Newport, and then Carmarthen to Fishguard Harbour, and then the return working from Newport - at Standish near Gloucester on the outward working.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

22/04/06: 47854 working light engine at Kidwelly as part of the steam charter.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

22/04/06: 47854 at Carmarthen on 1Z77 from Birmingham International to Fishguard, which was hauled on the way back to Newport by a steam loco.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

26/04/06: 47714 at Landore.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

26/04/06: 47815 passing through Sheffield Meadowhall on 0Z57 1550 Derby-Neville Hill route learning run for Virgin Cross Country. 47805 has also been used on days when 815 hasn’t.
Photo Copyright: Crumb

26/04/06: 47818 at Briton Ferry on a very colourful combination that includes 47714 on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

27/04/06: 47839 passing through Bangor with the regular empty stock move for Arriva’s class 57 turn, heading for Holyhead.
Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

28/04/06: 47805 was showing drivers the road from York to Moorthorpe and running as 0Z50 when photographed at Sherburn.
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

28/04/06: Another view of this smart loco with the livery which unfortunately doesn’t show up too well in most light when caught on camera, as per 854.
Photo Copyright: Stuart Wood

29/04/06: 47145 at Barrow Hill surrounded by class 31’s.
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

29/04/06: 47488 also at Barrow Hill.
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

29/04/06: 47769 at Barrow Hill, lifted off its bogies.
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

29/04/06: 47703 worked part of a class 33 tour, 1Z53 0552 Taunton-Barmouth as far as Birmingham New Street where 33103 and 33202 took over, photographed at Taunton.
Photo Copyright: Keith Webber

29/04/06: 47703 at Standish on the same working.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

29/04/06: Two photo’s at Chester of Compass Tours Preston to Cardiff charter, which ran via Manchester Victoria, Altrincham, Wrexham and the Heart of Wales route. 47714 was powering with 818 in tow.
Two Photo’s Copyright: Brian Battersby
Near a quarry, off of the A49 near Shrewsbury
Craven Arms

29/04/06: At Clunbury, just after leaving the main ‘Marches’ route to Cardiff after Craven Arms.
Three Photo's Copyright: Jamie Squibbs
Stowe near Knighton
Llandrindod Wells
Llandybie, after Llandeilo

29/04/06: Llanover between Pontypool and Abergavenny, this is on the return working, hence 818 is now on the front - it was leading during the whole of the return working.
Five Photo’s above Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

29/04/06: 47832 at Grantham.
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

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