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images of 2006

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2006. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned - photo's moved from 12/06 news page on 10/04/08.

december 2006

02/12/06: 47145 at York on the Skipton/Rylstone NENTA tour.

02/12/06: 47703 was on the other end, also seen at York.
Two Photo's Copyright: Darran Moss

04/12/06: 47150 at Wakefield Kirkgate on a route learning run.
Photo Copyright: Mick Collinson

05/12/06: 47714 returning through Basingstoke alone as 0Z48 on its way to Birmingham.
Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

07/12/06: 47769 (top) receives some attention to its bogies at Southampton Maritime, its 'fire' believed to be no more than sparks from dragging brake blocks. Lower: 47815 also at the depot.
Two Photo's Copyright: Ian Knight

07/12/06: 47811 at Crewe heading light, northbound. It had been up to Carlisle on a route learner and somehow it appeared to the south of the station before 1915 when it was seen.
Photo Copyright: Andy Galpin

09/12/06: 47245 at Nottingham working 1T57 0846 Leicester-Lincoln.
Photo Copyright: Stuart Wood

09/12/06: 47703 at Aberdeen after arriving with Compass Tours 0440 from Preston.
Photo Copyright: Darran Moss

09/12/06: 47703 at Aberdeen prior to the return, 1Z48.
Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

09/12/06: 47703 again, the first driving van trailer (82101 - an ex Virgin mk3) to Aberdeen apparently, although mk3's are still a regular sight there on GNER HST's.
Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

09/12/06: 47843 at Crewe, heading off light engine to Leeds as 0Z66.
Photo Copyright: Andy Galpin

10/12/06: 47854 at Leeds on an empty stock back to Carnforth. 57601 was on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Mick Collinson

13/12/06: 47816 at Darlington.
Photo Copyright: Ian Jackson

14/12/06: 47709, Folkestone Harbour.
Photo Copyright: Kevin Cooper

14/12/06: 47709 at London Victoria.
Photo Copyright: Kevin Cooper

14/12/06: 47712, also at Folkestone Harbour.
Photo Copyright: Kevin Cooper

15/12/06: 47782 and 47635 at Old Oak Common.
Two Photo's Copyright: John Glover

16/12/06: 828+813 clag in multi away from Gloucester.
Photo Copyright: Chewbacca

21/12/06: Two views of 47830 at Clapham Junction hauling 5Z18 from Wolverton to Selhurst.
Both Photo’s Copyright: John Glover

23/12/06: 1Z53 0859 Waterloo-Weymouth with 47709 at Maiden Newton.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

23/12/06: The rear of 1Z53 was provided by 47712.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

23/12/06: 47709 at London Waterloo waiting to haul 1Z53 0859 to Weymouth Town.

23/12/06: 47709 at Maiden Newton on 1Z53.

23/12/06: 47709 again, at Weymouth on the rear of 1Z54, the 1525 back to London. The information screen is mentioning that the train is hauled by 47709 Dionysos and 47712 Artemis!
All three Photo's Copyright: Big Bird

27/12/06: 47376 and 47105 performing a 'double run round' to keep 105 next to the coaching stock to provide heat - at Cheltenham Racecourse.
Photo Copyright: Keith Webber

28/12/06: 47145 at Guildford. With the recent problems of FM Rail it seems that Victa Rail may continue to use the loco's that they used in the latter part of last year by them.
Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

28/12/06: 47145 at Guildford.
Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

31/12/06: 47145, Clapham Junction.
Photo Copyright: John Glover

31/12/06: 47712, Clapham Junction.
Photo Copyright: John Glover

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