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images of 2006

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2006. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned.

january 2006

01/01/06: Two new years day views of 47596 at Tyseley.
Two Photo's Copyright: Mick Hirst

01/01/06: 47105 at Cheltenham Racecourse after arriving with the 47 class 47 passenger working (or any working?) of the year - the 1630 Toddington-Cheltenham Racecourse.
Photo Copyright: David Moorcraft

02/01/06: Two views of 47828, 47813 and 47316 stabled together at Gloucester, in the second image a pair of 20's can also be seen sat near to Horton Road Junction.
Photo Copyright: David Guy

04/01/06: 47841 passing light through Bournemouth from the east (0Z47).
Photo Copyright: Steve47005

04/01/06: Returning back through Bournemouth with what it went down to collect - 442401 (or more commonly 2401), off to Ilford for repairs running as 5Z47.
Photo Copyright: Steve47005

04/01/06: Later in the journey with 2401, at Lyne.
Photo Copyright: Chris Holt

07/01/06: Freightliner 47816 and 47830 stabled at Mossend.
Photo Copyright: Steve Parkes

07/01/06: 47241 in a half/mostly cut stage at Booths.
Photo Copyright: Mick Hirst

08/01/06: 47714 leads 90012 taking it as 0Z47 from Norwich to Willesden via Ely, photographed at Lakenham.
Photo Copyright: Colin Makcrow

08/01/06: The latest images of 47768 under restoration at Barry.
Two Photo's Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

12/01/06: 47712 arrives at Peterborough on the London-Peterborough-London charter. 47709 was on the rear and would lead the return working.
Photo Copyright: Chris Holt

12/01/05: Three more views of 47709 at Peterborough today on Hertfordshire Railtours first 'new' Pullman charter.
Two Photo's Copyright: Darren Wetherall

12/01/06: The return half of 1Z40 ran via Cambridge, and was photographed at March, the first photo is of 47709 leading the train, and in great sunlight is 47712 on the rear, showing how the mk2's look well in the livery despite being slightly different to the original mk2's that were in the colours, only unbalanced by the mk1 buffets.
Two Photo's Copyright: Steve Goodrum

12/01/06: 47709 returning south from Peterborough at Hitchin Park on 1Z40.
Photo Copyright: Chris Holt

13/01/06: 47830 at Evesham hauling 6Z52 0930 Basford Hall-Honeybourne with former Virgin mk3 DVT's.
Photo Copyright: Gareth McMurray

14/01/06: A selection of views of 47488, and also 47744 with 47780 in storage at Barrow Hill, and the sixth one obviously of 47769 which will return to traffic in the future, it is currently also at Barrow Hill.
Five Photo's Copyright: Nick Green

17/01/06: 47298 leading 47501 through Kings Norton on a long distance light engine move from Carlisle to Plymouth! The DRS loco's were on their way for route learning duties for DRS crews in the south west.
Photo Copyright: Natalie Whittington

17/01/06: A view of DRS route learner arriving at Plymouth, with 501 closest to the camera and 298 leading the formation. The loco's went to the far end of the station and reversed to stable in a bay platform at the west end of the station.
Photo Copyright: Sam Felce

17/01/06: 47847 leads 848, 853, some stock and 839 was on the rear, shunting around at Crewe at 1530 in the afternoon.
Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

17/01/06: 47840 at Newport on 6V91 1040 Shoeburyness-Newport Dock hauling withdrawn mk1 third rail EMU's.
Photo Copyright: Cwmbran

18/01/06: 47298 and 47501 at Plymouth station, after spending the night during a DRS 'route refreshing' trip.
Photo Copyright: Tre Pol Pen

18/01/06: 47150 stabled at Rugby after a journey south light from Basford Hall.
Photo Copyright: David Johnson

19/01/06: 47830 at Landore attached to a former Virgin HST power car, about to work the delayed 5Z51 0807 Landore-Loughborough hauling 43093, 43097, 43098 and 43198.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

22/01/06: Views of stored 47761 and 47772 at Margam.
Three photo's copyright: Jamie Squibbs

23/01/06: 47813 at Newport hauling 5Z44 1145 Reading-Landore with 43094.
Photo Copyright: Cwmbran

23/01/06: 47813 at Landore after arrival on 5Z44, and now being coupled up to 43123.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

23/01/06: 813 with 43123 and 43084 crossing Landore viaduct on 5Z45 1640 Landore-Gloucester Horton Road.
Photo Copyright: Mark Thomas

23/01/06: 47812 at Tapton Junction, a quarter of a mile north of Chesterfield station late on Monday afternoon on this Freightliner route learner turn. It had been around an hour and a half behind schedule for most of the day. This is the first photo of 812 in this two tone green livery seen on this website (as it's the first one I've been sent), the loco was painted at Old Oak Common at the end of last year, and is still owned by Riviera Trains.
Photo Copyright: Peter Weber

24/01/06: The other end of 812 (number 2 end) has a rebuilt front end so looks slightly odd in two tone green (but no less odd than 853 in xp64 blue with flat fronts). Photo'd at Moorthorpe.
Photo Copyright: John Edwards

24/01/06: Well, it's been here and worked this service many times - but in 2006? Who'd have even imagined it! 47813 shunts its stock at Penzance from Long Rock sidings, having worked light engine from Long Marston to haul the 2200 Penzance-Paddington 'up' sleeper service.
Photo Copyright: Tre Pol Pen

24/01/06: 47358 and and the also now unserviceable 309 (but still in DFFT serviceable pool though) stabled at Southampton Maritime before midnight in a -3 degrees temperature.
Photo Copyright: Nick Green

24/01/06: Another view of 47813 on 1A40, at Saltash just before midnight (image taken from a digital video camera).
Photo Copyright: GGC

25/01/06: 47813 in the very early hours of the morning at Plymouth station with 1A40 2200 Penzance-Paddington.
Photo Copyright: David Whitley

25/01/06: Well into its journey, and running on time after leaving Penzance 14 minutes late - 813 pauses at Exeter St Davids.
Photo Copyright: Keith Webber

25/01/06: 47813 after arrival at Paddington. Just to complete the bizarreness of the move the ECS to Old Oak Common was also worked by a 47, 840 with 813 on the rear!
Photo Copyright: David Whitley

26/01/06: 47840 passing light engine northbound through Preston station on Thursday morning on its way from Warrington Royal Mail Terminal to Carlisle. It must have worked up from Willesden last night or yesterday afternoon.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

27/01/06: 47812 on its route learner job at Moorthorpe.
Photo Copyright: John Edwards

28/01/06: A Portsmouth bound Blue Pullman charter, with 47709 leading at Potters Bar...
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

28/01/06: ...and 47712 on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

28/01/06: 47709 at Virginia Water.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

28/01/06: 47712 on the rear at Virginia Water.
Photo Copyright: Jamie Squibbs

28/01/06: 47709 at Guildford.
Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker
The following are a selection sent in from last year by a contributor. Trackside images were taken with an (official) reason for being there

29/01/06: 47839 at Cardiff Canton.
Photo Copyright: Russell Evans

30/01/06: On both days so far this week a 5Z47 Crewe to Cardiff and 5Z48 return crewe training/route learning(?) turn has run, with 47805 and 47848 top'n'tailing a set of stock. The return 5Z48 is seen at Newport, with 848 leading and 805 on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Garry Sparks

31/01/06: 47848 at Duffryn, near Newport hauling 5Z48 1200 Cardiff Canton-Crewe Carriage Shed (LNWR), part of a series of crew training runs this week. 47805 was on the rear and had worked the outward bound 5Z47 earlier in the morning.
Photo Copyright: Garry Sparks

31/01/06: 805 on the rear of 5Z48 (see 848's pic).
Photo Copyright: Garry Sparks

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