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images of 2006

Photographs used on the Class 47 List news page during 2006. Copyrights remain with the original photographer. See the archive news pages for information on the specific workings mentioned - page checked 10/04/08.

november 2006

03/11/06: 47703 hauling 1Z66 to Blackpool at Fylde Junction.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

03/11/06: 47712 on the rear of the Blue Pullman from London to Blackpool after leaving Preston. 47703 was at the front.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

11/11/06: 47200 at Gloucester.
Photo Copyright: Railtourinfo

12/11/06: 47714 and 47828 at Gloucester, 47200 and 47033 were also present. At Crewe later on 47769, 47843, 47847, 47298, 47839 with carriages and one other blue 47 were seen in the dark.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

13/11/06: 47816 hauling 5X42 to Ilford at Basingstoke.
Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

15/11/06: 47145 and 47832 (145 carrying a Victa headboard and FM Rail and Victa details on the side) at Carlisle on what are presumably still test runs or crew training runs for a new freight flow(?)
Photo Copyright: David Cooper

15/11/06: The unusual view of Stratford 47 Groups' 47596 at Rotherwell services on the A14 while the low loader driver took a break.
47596 was on the way from the Birmingham Railway Museum at Tyseley to Dereham for the Mid Norfolk Railway to join their other loco in Norfolk, 47367 which is at the North Norfolk Railway. Three more images of the move are below.
Photo Copyright: Noel Creswell, with thanks to Andre Kent

15/11/06: 47596 being reversed out of Tyseley onto the A41 Warwick Road. It was loaded onto the low loader at 1430 and was to spend the night at a lay-by on the A47 in the Swatham area.

16/11/06: Two images at Dereham, where 596 was off-loaded shortly after lunch time, the lower image showing it moving onto Mid Norfolk metal for the very first time.
Three Photo's above Copyright: Noel Creswell

18/11/06: 47709 on the blocks at Kings Cross.
Photo Copyright: John Glover

18/11/06: 47703 at Frisby near Melton Mowbray on the Intercity Merrymaker. 709 was on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Ben Wheeler

18/11/06: 47709 at Long Eaton on the rear of 47703's tour seen above.
Photo Copyright: Stuart Wood

18/11/06: 47703 (top) and 47709 (lower) at Longsight depot.
Photo Copyright: John Glover

18/11/06: 47703 on the blocks at the other end of the tour at Manchester Piccadilly.
Photo Copyright: John Glover

18/11/06: 47826 at York, it would later run light to Kings Cross to work part of a tour.
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

21/11/06: The first photo contributed of 47839 since it has had the name ‘PEGASUS’ applied, it was at Crewe shunting with some Riviera carriages.
Photo Copyright: Phil Saul

25/11/06: Compass Tours 1Z61 0623 Layton-Kings Cross service, in the hands of 47703 at Doncaster.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

25/11/06: 47338 at Doncaster.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

25/11/06: 47703 stands at Preston on 1Z61 0623 Layton-Kings Cross.
Photo Copyright: Andy Cleaver

25/11/06: 47712 on the London to York Blue Pullman, 47709 as on the rear on this – the outward run, and also on the return after a between tour ECS to Newcastle and Heaton carriage sidings.
Photo Copyright: John Edwards

25/11/06: 47703 stands at St Neots on the way to London, an unscheduled stop after an unfortunate fatality on the ECML.
Photo Copyright: Andy Cleaver

25/11/06: 47703 after arrival at London Kings Cross.
Photo Copyright: Andy Cleaver

25/11/06: 47703 at Kings Cross waiting to haul the return working, 1Z63 1824 Kings Cross-Layton.
Photo Copyright: Andy Cleaver

25/11/06: Spotted at Corfe Castle on the Swanage Railway was this nameplate, applied to 47639 (now WCRC’s 47851).
The photographer wonders how it came to be there, and he remembers seeing 639 hauling 2x4TC units into Bournemouth station on Wednesday 11/06/86.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

25/11/06: FM Rail’s 47715 has been at York National Railway Museum for over two years now, and was intended to return to service. It would be very useful at the moment to supplement their serviceable electric train supply fitted 47’s but still languishes at the NRM with an unknown future.
Photo Copyright: Mick Collinson

25/11/06: 47714 stands at Paddington waiting to haul the empty stock from the previous nights 1A40 2200 Penzance-Paddington sleeper.
Photo Copyright: James Stearn

25/11/06: 47826 hauls an ECS from York to Milford Sidings (not Holgate as previously reported) at Colton Junction.
Photo Copyright: Ian Jackson

27/11/06: 47703 stabled at Preston. 31128 is at the other end of the train, having been used for ECS moves in relation to Saturday’s charter.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

29/11/06: 47501 working 4Z44 Haverton Hill-Carlisle Kingmoor at Eaglescliffe.
Photo Copyright: Ian Jackson

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