47575 - City of Hereford

Workings from July 1999 to withdrawal

Sunday 18th July 1999
Birmingham-Nuneaton drags (working details unknown)
Wednesday 21st July 1999
1A24 Shrewsbury-Wolverhampton
Sunday 1st August 1999
Crewe-Liverpool drags (working details unknown, drags were unplanned)
Sunday 28th August 1999
Newark-Doncaster drags (working details unknown)
Sunday 17th October 1999
1A57 Liverpool-Crewe
Sunday 28th November 1999
1A44 Liverpool-Crewe
1F15 Crewe-Liverpool
Saturday 15th January 2000
1O38 Carlisle-Preston (via S+C)
1S49 Preston-Carlisle (via S+C)
Thursday 27th January 2000
1G18 Rugby-BNS
1G45 Rugby-Wolves
Friday 28th January 2000
1A24 Shrewsbury-Wolverhampton
Saturday 29th January 2000
1S11 Rugby-Carlisle (87014 failed)
1M33 Carlisle-Preston (via S+C)
Monday 31st January 2000
1A24 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1V97 BNS-Paddington
Tuesday 1st February 2000
1M20 Paddington-Man Picc
Tuesday 8th February 2000
1V45 Nuneaton-BNS
1G46 Rugby-Wolves
Wednesday 9th February 2000
1A24 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Monday 14th February 2000
1C20 Tring-Carlisle (87014 failed, again!)
Wednesday 16th February 2000
1A24 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1V93 BNS-Paddington (dead on rear)
1S87 Paddington-BNS
1J39 BNS-Birmingham New St Tunnel (failed)
Saturday 18th March 2000
1215 Bargoed-Cardiff Central (781 on rear)
1415 Bargoed-Cardiff Central (781 on rear)
1506 Cardiff Central-Bargoed from Aber to Ystrad Mynach (pushed due to 781 failing)
1628 Ystrad Mynach-Cardiff Queen St
Saturday 8th April 2000
1Zxx London Victoria-Liverpool (VSOE)
1Zxx Liverpool-London Victoria (VSOE)
Tuesday 13th June 2000
1Zxx London Victoria-Hampton Court (VSOE)
1Zxx Hampton Court-London Victoria (VSOE)
Sunday 18th June 2000
1Zxx London Victoria-Southampton Docks (VSOE)
1Zxx Southampton Docks-London Victoria (VSOE)
Saturday 1st July 2000
1Z38 Birm Snowhill-Poole from Eastleigh-Poole
Saturday 12th August 2000
1D87 Crewe-Holyhead
1A62 Holyhead-Crewe
Saturday 19th August 2000
1V98 Liverpool-BNS
Sunday 20th August 2000
1P22 Preston-Blackpool North
Monday 21st August 2000
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Tuesday 22nd August 2000
1A28 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Wednesday 23rd August 2000
1A28 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1H30 BNS-Man Picc
Thursday 24th August 2000
1N11 Preston-Blackpool North
1V50 Preston-BNS
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Friday 25th August 2000
1A28 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1M50 Wolves-Man Picc
Saturday 26th August 2000
1O10 BNS-Weymouth
1M81 Weymouth-Bournemouth
Sunday 27th August 2000
1S97 Poole-BNS
Monday 28th August 2000
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Tuesday 29th August 2000
1A28 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Wednesday 30th August 2000
1F17 Rugby-Liverpool
1V98 Liverpool-Paddington
Thursday 31st August 2000
1M76 Reading-BNS (with 831, dead in tow?)
1S47 Tamworth-Crewe
1H06 Rugby-Manchester
Saturday 2nd September 2000
1D87 Crewe-Holyhead
1A62 Holyhead-Crewe
Wednesday 13th September 2000
1D88 Crewe-Holyhead
Thursday 14th September 2000
1A46 Holyhead-Crewe
Saturday 16th September 2000
1D87 Crewe-Holyhead
1A62 Holyhead-Crewe
Monday 18th September 2000
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Tuesday 19th September 2000
1A34 Rugby-Euston
1G28 Euston-Wolves
1M32 Birm Int-Blackpool North
Wednesday 20th September 2000
1G82 Man Picc-BNS
Thursday 21st September 2000
1A24 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Friday 22nd September 2000
1A24 Shrewsbury-Wolves
1J39 BNS-Shrewsbury
Saturday 23rd September 2000
1J39 Wolves-Shrewsbury
Sunday 24th September 2000
1F09 BNS-Liverpool
1A67 Liverpool-Crewe
1F20 Crewe-Liverpool
Sunday 1st October 2000
1A44 Liverpool-Crewe
1F15 Crewe-Liverpool
1A72 Liverpool-Crewe
1F21 Crewe-Liverpool
Sunday 8th October 2000
1A65 Wolves-Nuneaton
1A77 BNS-Nuneaton
1G36 Nuneaton-BNS
1G43 Nuneaton-Wolves
Sunday 15th October 2000
Leeds-Retford drags (no working details known)
Saturday 21st October 2000
1Z36 Liverpool-Barrow
1Z37 Barrow-Liverpool
Sunday 22nd October 2000
1Zxx Liverpool-Blackpool North (with steam 45157)
1Zxx Blackpool North-Liverpool (with steam 45157)
Sunday 29th October 2000
1M90 Crewe-Liverpool

I created this page in October 2000 (on one of the 'Expage' pages!) - one of the oldest pages on the site, to detail the interesting passenger workings that came the way of 47575 during 2000.

An early passenger working in 2000 for 47575 was a Euston-Glasgow sleeper working on the 29th January, working from Rugby after 87014 failed, being diverted via the Settle and Carlisle route from Preston. It returned on an Edinburgh-Birmingham New Street working.

As well as standard freight and parcels work (of which it should normally have worked) it was a regular thunderbird for Virgin, alongside the 47/7s. It was these thunderbird duties which saw it work a Wolverhampton - Euston service on Tuesday 19/09/00 (throughout) and then 1G28 12:38 Euston - Wolverhampton. Then, due to the failure of 1M32 Portsmouth - Blackpool, 47575 and the set it had worked from Euston (complete with a DVT, and ac 86247 on the back) worked all the way to Blackpool in the path of 1M32.
Never previously had the 1N11/1O71/1M32 Blackpool working ever had a non XC carriage set on it, or a DVT, or an electric loco.

Other Blackpool workings during 2000 for 47575 were:
5A45 empty stock Longsight to Blackpool working on Sunday 20/08/00, and it was then Preston standby for the rest of the day until it worked 1P22 20:39 Preston - Blackpool (a service from Euston normally an HST) on the same day.
1N11 06:47 Preston - Blackpool on Thursday 24/08/00, and it then worked the 1V50 11:30 Preston - Penzance as far as Birmingham, and on Sat 26/8/00 it hauled 1O10 11:06 BNS - Weymouth, and 1M81 17:05 return from Weymouth as far as Bournemouth, where it was replaced by 47742.

Somehow, in September 2000, it was hired to Freightliner.

On Sunday October 22nd it came to Blackpool again on a steam charter from Liverpool, courtesy of Pathfinder tours with steam loco '45157'.
'Hereford' was on a charter the previous day with the same steam loco, also from Liverpool but to Barrow. This was to be its last appearance on the Fylde Coast. It was the loco's last charter.

Its final normal passenger working was a week later with 1M90 on Sunday 29th October 2000, the 17:16 Bournemouth - Liverpool Lime Street, 575 took over this at Crewe as the service was diverted via Warrington and had been an electric loco from Birmingham New Street.

The loco began life as D1770, the only other number it has carried being 47175, and it was named City of Hereford in 1985. It has carried two tone green livery, BR blue livery, and the Parcels livery it still carries today. And at the beginning of February 2001, the loco was withdrawn. It was one of the last three EWS 'standard' 47/4's remaining in service, 634 was withdrawn shortly after and 635 being the other which lasted into 2004 despite a few withdrawals!

The loco was allocated to the EWS heritage pool, and remained at Motherwell with rumour of a return to traffic and a repaint to BR blue.
During 2004 the loco was purchased by Riviera Trains and was moved from Motherwell to Barrow Hill and repainted into the same 'parcels' livery.

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Photo Copyright: Tim Moss, 47575 at Blackrod with 1V50 on 24th August 2000.

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