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the locations and pool codes of EWS 47's

updated: 16/12/04 (showing changes in brackets since 18/04/04)

WHCD (active use)

WMOC (alleged 'heritage' pool)
47004=Old Oak. 47306=St Blazey.

47188/213/515=CreweDMD. 47331/478=Wigan TMD. 47475=Healey Mills. 47744=CreweDMD(formerly WNZX). 47767=Toton(formerly WNZX). 47774/775=CreweDMD(formerly WNZX).

WNSS (stored serviceable)
47737=Healey Mills(formerly Temple Mills). 47739=Motherwell. 47789=Toton.

WNTR (stored serviceable)
47635=Old Oak Common. 47727=Willesden. 47732/733/734/790/792/793=Healey Mills(790/792 formerly Knottingley). 47746=CreweDMD. 47747=Millerhill. 47760=CreweEMD. 47761/772=Margam LIP(formerly Cardiff Canton). 47785=Motherwell.

WNXX (stored unserviceable)
47721/722/726/741/742/758/781=Toton. 47736/759/783/784=CreweDMD. 47749=CreweEMD. 47750/787=Healey Mills(formerly in traffic). 47756/782=Old Oak Common(756 formerly CreweDMD). 47757=CarlisleTRSMD. 47778=WiganTMD. 47770=BescotTMD. 47773=Healey Mills(formerly Temple Mills). 47776/786=Healey Mills(formerly Warrington Arpley). 47791=Saltley. 47799=Ferrybridge.

WNYX (for component recovery)

WNZX (for immediate disposal)
47146/217/241/474/519/536/624/725/764=Wigan TMD(all formerly WNYX). 47328/566/576/762/765/768/779=WiganTMD(the 7xx loco’s were formerly WNXX).

Changes to the list since last update (eight months ago):
47306 added (missed off the last list).
47475 still included although owned by Cotswold Rail.
47535 scrapped (formerly WNSO at Old Oak Common).
47575 sold to Riviera Trains and moved to Barrow Hill (formerly WNZX at Motherwell).
47634 scrapped (formerly WNZX at Saltley).
47702 sold to Harry Needle Railroad (formerly WNZX at Toton).
47711 scrapped (formerly WNZX at Toton).
47745 scrapped (formerly WNZX at Toton).
47749 and 47760 were mistakenly shown at Crewe on here rather than Crewe Electric on last list.
47744 and 47767 were believed to have been sold, they were in the WNZX pool and are now in WNSO.
47766 was scrapped (formerly WNZX at Toton).
47769 was sold to Riviera Trains and moved to Bury (formerly WNZX at Toton).
47774 and 47775 both moved unusually from WNZX to WNSO, perhaps prior to a sale?
47777 was scrapped (formerly WNZX, then WNSO at Toton), although as at 16/12/04 it was still in pool WNSO at Toton.
47780 removed from WNSO pool (had been sold to Fragonset before the last list).
47798 ‘preserved’ at NRM (formerly WNXX at Ferrybridge).
All loco’s at Toton have moved from Toton TMD to outside Toton Paintshop.

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