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information and answers to frequently asked questions, written by Shaun C, website owner

what's the site about, and how did it begin?

The site is dedicated to news reports and photographs of the British-built class 47 Sulzer engined locomotives.

My first internet access was in late 1999 and I was bemused to find a lack of current class 47 information anywhere on the web. Nick Scott (who now assists with fleet lists and advance tour info) had been putting together some class 47 news online during the early months of 1999 whilst at university but had ceased doing so by the time I got onto the internet for the first time.

Inspired by the Class 37 Loco Group's workings news website, I set out to put together a small free no-frills web page of workings of the Blackpool-Portsmouth 47 hauled working. It was the C37LG who also gave me my first web site link and probably therefore the first site visitors.
I would have liked the site to be as detailed as the 37 website, but I quite simply don't have enough time. There is now (as I type this in 2007, checked 2009) another site that now details the history of 47s (fleetnumbers and names etc) and others with large selections of photographs. I personally consider it to be a pity that I was not approached to perhaps join forces with one of the other sites to make one very large, very detailed and very unbeatable site, rather than make people have to look in many places at once for news - but never mind. Thankyou to everybody who continues to support me in keeping everybody else up to date with current class 47 news.

It was in April 2001 that I moved the site from Expage.com to Geocities.com (part of Yahoo), and the first photo's appeared on the site, of 47773 at Kingussie, and 47292 and 47488 top'n'tailing a Norwich-Great Yarmouth/Lowestoft diagram.

In late summer 2001 the site moved to the professional webspace provider of Supaweb and the address of class47list.co.uk after problems with Geocities free site being unreliable with high numbers of people viewing the site.
The site moved back to Geocities in October 2002, in the height of class 47 popularity in 2001 this websites news page had reached 1300 visits in one day.

This site has covered the end of class 47 hauled trains on First Great Western, Scotrail, Virgin Cross Country, Virgin West Coast, EWS freight and parcels ervices, and seen the introduction of Colas Rail, Cotswold Rail and the movement of loco's to Cotswold, DRS, Fragonset, Riviera Trains, and the West Coast Railway Company.
In the same time period has been the unfortunate demised of Cotswold Rail and FM Rail - the latter being the end result of a merge between Fragonset and Merlin Rail.

Charter operators have come and gone, many using class 47s have thankfully flourished including Compass Tours which I was involved with from the beginning, though unforunately less so in later years with time constraints in my personal life. Compass Tours has been one of the most successful non dining charter organisers of the decade, thanks to the commitments of Kevin Melia whom I initially assisted. Kevin is a very talented individual when it comes to planning tours, thankyou for providing us with many great days out (not so many thanks for the three 66s I had in 2009...!). Thankyou to the TOCs and individuals who have assisted with Compass Tours and our being able to provide so many people with highly memorable days out, and for the right reasons we hope!

Over the period many loco's have been withdrawn and scrapped, or converted into class 57's fitted with General Motors engines. I have chosen not to cover class 57 news as personally I am not interested in these, my interest being in the class 47 design fitted with the Sulzer power unit.

A boost in page views and myself having a bit more time for updates in the middle of the decade coincided with moving the site again to the professional half of Yahoo (the paid for bit! which also helped me to develop the original Compass Tours site) and the move to the sulzerpower.com address, to go with my email address and to distinguish that this is not a class 57 website(!).

can I contribute/ how do I contribute?

Yes you can and you are welcome to email me about class 47s, I'll reply to most questions.
Please have a look at the contributions and contact details page before sending me sightings and photographs though, the guidelines set out on that page benefit you: the viewer and myself: the editor.

can I send you photographs?

Yes please. What do we want? News pictures, taken very recently, and archive photos from 1999 to the earliest class 47 use, but only if you have a date and loco number for the photo that you want to send.
Photographs will be kept by me, the website editor, permanently for possible future use on this website and possibly the Compass Tours website. The photographs will be used for no other purposes that are not related to my websites and WILL NOT be sent to any other individuals.
Photographs sent to me *will* be cropped or changed in size to fit the page they are being used on, and also I occasionally change brightness and contrast of photo's received - due to brightness/contrast of some peoples computers being different, and everybodys vision being different. I judge my computer and my eyesight to be an average when using photographic contributions and sometimes ammend photo's accordingly.
Your photo's that are used on my website remain your own copyright, and your name will be mentioned under your own photographs.

who are you?

Shaun C; A railway enthusiast keen on gaining and sharing information on my favourite class of locomotive! I have worked in the railway industry since 2004, initially with First North Western when it was randomally operating class 31s out of my home town. Although my railway career doesn't in any way involve 47s unfortunately, I have been involved in many ways with Compass Tours (see above) since the conception in 2002. Between 2002 and 2007 I also designed and edited the Compass Tours website which has now been superceded to allow Kevin and his brother John to have full access for updates (something that I could not put together).
I also have a BTEC National Diploma in Design & Photography, so I at least try to make things look interesting! If you don't agree, it's generally because of a lack of time. If I was paid to do this it would look a lot better (honest...!)

anyone else?

Richard R (Crumb); Another class 47 dedicated person who, thanks to a (small number!) of years more in life than myself has the desire to record archive workings that were initially based on his own notes, but with very many thanks to the large number of enthusiats who have assisted him. It is Richard who has developed the huge 1986-1999 archive passenger workings section on this site to add to my 2000 to current date archives - providing an invaluable reference point to photographers and 'spotters' alike for the future.

Nick S (DBT); The man with the first 47 news site in 1999 when he was at Uni, Nick is another selfless individual who compiles a railtour list at regular intervals for the benefit of others and assists me with publishing this at The Class 47 List. This tour list can be found here.
Myself and Nick were both involved in Compass Tours from the very beginning, and assisted each other in building the identity, including the logo and on train branding.

Early days; A number of people were kind enough to provide lists to me in the early days, amongst these were Richard Watson, Jon Cowe, Andy from Kirkham, Phil Grint, Phil Geisler and Pete H who helped spread the word of what 47s were working and more importantly where and when.

Regular contributors; Without you, where would this site be? You are named on the daily news if you have helped, thank you for taking the time to compile any email you have ever sent. I can't start naming names here as there are so many, but to anyone who has been able to provide their time over the past decade, some of whom have spent countless hours helping out - thak you; very very much.

why haven't you used my contributions?

I am *very* sorry if any information or photographs that you have sent me over time have been missed.

I put a large amount of my own spare time into updating this website and I attempt to see the updating of the site as 'fun' and enjoyable, thus things can sometimes seem slightly unprofessional.

I will however endeavour to use all information/photographs (where I see as relevant to class 47's) when I have time. Amounts of information are occasionally overlooked when editing time runs out (due to personal life/working life reasons). Your contributions are always saved and are usually used eventually if I haven't used them within a few days (even known to have been added several years later!).

Crumb was granted access to the news section from 2008 to allow myself extra time to browse news messages and give me much more time to download/upload contributed photographs. This has given both of us extra time and more information to deal with archive material also.

what is the name of the site?

It is and always has been 'The Class 47 List', the very first page was named plainly 'Class 47', which led to a page called 'The List' - leading to the simple name. The site is often referred to as Sulzerpower due to the site address name and for links and publicity this is an acceptable name.

can I use information from The Class 47 List for my own website/magazine/video and for personal reference?

Of course you can, thats what the site is here for BUT if using information from the site it must be credited to THE CLASS 47 LIST WEBSITE (any pages designated at part of THE CLASS 47 LIST state so at the foot of every web page) is Copyright 2000-2009 by the editor: Shaun C, and contributors. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, v1.0 or later (the latest version is presently available at http://www.opencontent.org/openpub/). Any information used/edited MUST state The Class 47 List as its original source. This license agreement applies to ALL pages designated as a part of THE CLASS 47 LIST website.

what websites do you look at?

North Wales Coast, and End of the Line. I personally do not like 'fotopic' style websites - mostly as they only show one image at a time. The other reason is that a large number of people with 'exclusive' photographs don't send them in to websites any more with the explosion in popularity of 'fotopic' websites, they just put them on their own fotopic site where they will be seen by only a few handfuls of people, compared to an average of around 700 enthusiasts per day (2005 statistics, 630 in 2009, 730 in 2010) on the Class 47 List. I do acknowledge however that Fotopic has been a good source of research for many photographers (when their search facility works, that is).
My own philosophy and the entire reason that this Class 47 List website exists is that I believe that if you know something you should share it with others so that they can share the news (and pass it on - remembering to quote the source of the news though), or just so that you can show off that you know something. The Class 47 List is an established base for class 47 news and has been for a long time the best place to pass on recent sightings and to look up recent information. I also regularly pass other random bits of news on to many other areas in transport journalism, including trams and buses (it's that male 'statistic instinct', isn't it?!). If your own philosophies are different then I respect that and wish you the best of luck in your own websites and careers.
You will have noticed though, after my moans about 'fotopic' - that some parts of the Class 47 List's photo galleries are on 'fotopic', this was from a time when I thought it was a good idea(!) - but please note that I still have every respect for anybody who puts the large amount of effort required into producing a 'fotopic' site (just please do share the news around to us 'list keepers' every now and again, and don't forget that along with mentioning your name in my 'thanks' column - I will also list your 'fotopic' website if you ask).
1st published by sulzerpower.com 28/11/05, updated 09/06/07, 09/12/09, 29/04/10 and is a copyright of THE CLASS 47 LIST 2000-2010, see index page for full copyright details.