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September 2010 News Photography

Photography remains the copyright of the photographers stated and photographs have been used here with their permission.
The Class 47 List 2000-2010, edited by Shaun C and Crumb. Full copyright details available on the index page.

01/09/10: 47500 stands at Hellifield with 37685.
Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

01/09/10: 47501 at Liverpool Lime Street in the morning.
Photo Copyright: Tim Hall - Smith

01/09/10: 47501 at Ashburys West Junction heading towards Stalybridge.
Photo Copyright: Tim Hall - Smith

02/09/10: 2Z01 1012 Preston-Crewe via Blackpool North and Liverpool is seen being propelled by 47501 having returned from Blackpool.
Photo Copyright: Nick Meskell

02/09/10: 47501 heads through Edge Hill after leaving Liverpool on 2Z01 - heading to Crewe.
Photo Copyright: Tim Hall - Smith

10/09/10: 47367 is progressing with its return to BR blue, above is the number '1' end and 'A' side.
Photo Copyright: André

12/09/10: 47117 (D1705) passing Quorn working the 1530 Leicester North to Loughborough on Sunday.
Photo Copyright: Darren Wetherall

12/09/10: 47270 at Coppenhall on 5Z68 1304 Crewe-Carnforth.
Photo Copyright: Anthony Flusk

14/09/10: 47739 stabled at Carlisle yesterday morning.
Photo Copyright: Darren Armstrong

15/09/10: 47501 pauses at Preston Fylde Junction to continue with 0Z47 1258 Crewe Coal Sidings-Carlisle Kingmoor.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C

15/09/10: 47580 hauls 37350 through Hellifield towards Carnforth. The 37 was heading from the National Railway Museum to Carnforth Steamtown, the 47 had come from Barrow Hill during the morning.
Photo Copyright: Andy Wade

18/09/10: 47580 at Somerton, Newport, working 5Z19 1045 Carnforth-Bristol Temple Meads. The return working is shown on Tuesday's news below here.
Photo Copyright: Alan Lea

18/09/10: 47804 leads an Ayr to Mallaig charter which it had hauled from Fort William across Glenfinnan Viaduct.
Photo Copyright: Sidcup Ginge

19/09/10: 47367 Number '2' end and 'B' side.
Photo Copyright: André

20/09/10: 47580 passing through Shrewsbury working 5Z20 from Bristol to Carnforth.
Photo Copyright: Neil C.

20/09/10: 47749 at Exeter St Thomas working 0Z47 1000 Washwood Heath-Totnes.
Photo Copyright: Big Sky

20/09/10: 47832 heading light through Narborough on 0Z47 to Crewe Gresty Bridge from Norwich.
Photo Copyright: Jack Mills

21/09/10: 47749 with 37037 in tow, at Clapper Brook Lane Exeter on 0Z37 1000 Totnes-Kidderminster.
Photo Copyright: Big Sky

22/09/10: 47375 moved to the Nene Valley Railway on 0Z39 1445 Barrow Hill to Fletton behind 47580, which was also hauling 37029, 37109, 37275, 33108 and 20096! The formation was seen at Frinckley Lane, Lincolnshire.
Photo Copyright: Mark Widdison

22/09/10: 47712 leads 1Z54 from Burnley Manchester Road to Ffestiniog as far as Llandudno Junction, at Moore.
Photo Copyright: Mark Barber

22/09/10: 47712 during a shunt move at Blaenau Ffestiniog.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

22/09/10: 47712 during the same shunt move at Blaenau Ffestiniog.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

22/09/10: 47727 and 47749 double head 6Z56 Washwood Heath-Boston steel container empties on Wednesday at Heckington.
Photo Copyright: David O'Rourke

22/09/10: 47802 arrives at Betws-y-Coed heading back from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Llandudno Junction on a Compass Tours charter.
Photo Copyright: Simon Travers

24/09/10: 47580 and a few other 47s seen at the Mid Norfolk Railway last weekend
Photo Copyright: Tim Clarke

24/09/10: 47596 (still numbered '47584' on this side).
Photo Copyright: Tim Clarke

24/09/10: 47712 stands at Manchester Victoria working 1Z07 0539 Crewe-York which it had worked from Liverpool.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

24/09/10: 47712 with 1Z07 at Wakefield.
Photo Copyright: Sam Middleton

24/09/10: 47749.
Photo Copyright: Tim Clarke

24/09/10: 47802 at Liverpool Lime Street on 1Z08 1602 return from York, in platform 1 of all places, usually only used by Northern units.
Photo Copyright: Shaun C.

25/09/10: 47306 was in use on Saturday, seen near Bodmin working the 1357 from Boscarne Junction. Workings have been added for this to the Saturday news. 47715 was also in use at the weekend on the Wensleydale line, thanks to those who sent the workings for this, they will be added tomorrow.
Photo Copyright: Big Sky

25/09/10: 47804 at Llandudno after working 1Z47 0615 Bridlington-Llandudno, 57601 was on the rear. The 'maroon 5' loco worked the return as there are a number of WCR 47s currently unavailable for use.
Photo Copyright: Simon Travers

27/09/10: 47749 hauling 37906, 37275 and 37706 through Whittlesey today.
Photo Copyright: Dave O'Rourke

28/09/10: 47739 heading south at Carlisle on 0Z47 1000 Carlisle Kingmoor-Penrith, it came back after an hour.
Photo Copyright: Darren Armstrong