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All photography and information supplied by Gary Thomas

47406 'Rail Riders' 6/8/1987 Leeds
As a young teenager I wasn't old enough to think the "Rail Riders" club wasn't cool and to be honest those 50p and 1 vouchers came handy for trips to Colwyn Bay and Llandudno, or towards the occasional evening rover. I was on a summer holiday with a friend in York. 47406 was on the 10.15 Newcastle - Liverpool. We took another generator, 47407 back to York on the 09-58 Liverpool - Newcastle. I'd love to know what the other 47 in the picture is.
(as stated at the head of the page, all photography and comments are by Gary Thomas)

47583 'County of Hertfordshire' 30/3/1988 Shrewsbury
Having taken 47623 from Llandudno Junction - Shrewsbury on the 0714 Holyhead - Cardiff Central I took 47583 to Wolverhampton and back on the 1133 Shrewsbury - London Euston and 1140 London Euston - Shrewsbury return. 47530 took me home on the 1300 Cardiff Central - Holyhead.

47512 13/4/1988 Llandudno
On the 16.15 Holyhead - London Euston. Other locos were 47647 on the 1300 Cardiff - Holyhead , 47476 on the 1710 Holyhead - Birmingham New Street and 47451 on the 1617 London Euston - Holyhead.

47213 1/5/1988 Llandudno Junction
13.21 Llandudno Junction - London Euston Sunday's only turn. I can't quite remember if it was starting at the Junction due to works west to Holyhead, or Llandudno. I took this to Crewe via Northwich & Sandbach, for 47571 back on the 16.35 Cardiff - Holyhead.

47424 'The Brontes of Haworth' 24/10/1988 Liverpool Lime Street
On the 13.01 Liverpool Limes Street to Newcastle service. I got off at Manchester Victoria for 47535 back on the 12.15 Newcastle - Liverpool Lime Street. It was an average day - 47631 from the Junction to Crewe on the 0855 Holyhead - London Euston for would you believe (I'm sorry) 155304 from Crewe to Liverpool!!! I had 47555 back from Crewe - Llandudno Junction later in the day on the 1705 London Euston - Holyhead. 47555 was never my favourite as it was always around and I felt always gave an average performance!

47452 'Aycliffe' 24/10/1988 Liverpool Lime Street
This was taken on the same day as the shot of 47424 above, but no sure which service it was on as I didn't travel with it.

47620 'Windsor Castle' 28/10/1988 Llandudno Junction
On the 0755 Coventry - Holyhead. Other locos out that day 47431, 47620, 47436 and 47432. I noted that 150230/115 were on the 10.50 Bangor - Hull!!!

47483 ?/1988 Llandudno Junction
I'm not sure of the date (though I'm convinced it was 1988) so I assume I didn't take this for haulage. The identity of the other 47 isn't known either - possibly on test out of Crewe works?

47635 ?/1988 Crewe
At Crewe, date or destination not known.

47461 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' 23/3/1989 Carstairs
10.44 Edinburgh Waverly - Brighton as far as Carstairs were it was replaced for an unknown electric. This was a "big day" for me as it was my first full trip to Scotland scoring 47703, 47604, 47717, 47636, 47711 and 47550 as well as 47461. The snow was unexpected as the rest of the week was quite sunny.

47711 'Greyfriars Bobby' 23/3/1989 Dundee
I scored 47717 'Tayside Region' from Dundee to Stirling on the 1308 Aberdeen - Edinburgh service.

47710 'Sir Walter Scott' 25/3/1989 Glasgow Queen Street
On the 10.30 Glasgow Queen Street - Edinburgh push-pull. I was particularly fond on the Scotrail livery and found the push-pulls to be fascinating. Another good day with 47704, 47460, 47707, 47715, 47574 and 47706 scored on various services between Glasgow, Stirling, Perth and Edinburgh.

47715 'Haymarket' Perth 25/3/1989
In push mode 13.25 Glasgow Queen Street - Aberdeen as far as Perth.

47461 27/3/1989 Glasgow Queen Street
On the 09.33 Glasgow Queen Street - Inverness. I only took this from Stirling to Pitlochry having scored 47709 on the 09.25 Glasgow Queen Street - Aberdeen as far as Stirling.

47543 17/6/1989 Llandudno
On the 0900 Liverpool Lime Street - Llandudo Service which it returned at 1152. Other locos out that day were 47527 and 47455, the latter on the 0803 York - Llandudno. This was quite rare at this time as I remember with the mass of Sprinters and Pacers now in traffic.

47455 17/6/1989 Llandudno Junction
On the 0803 York - Llandudno service. On this day 47543 worked the 0900 Liverpool Lime Street - Llandudno and 11.52 return service.

47519 18/6/1989 Bangor
0850 London Euston - Holyhead which I took from Llandudno Junction - Bangor. I took 47648 back on the 1343 Holyhead - London Euston service.

47433 24/6/1989 Llandudno Junction
On the 0900 Liverpool Lime Street - Llandudno Saturday's only service, returning to Liverpool at 11.2. A quite day with only 47459 and 47475 on other services.

47475 24/6/1989 Llandudno
On the 13.00 Llandudno - York. Other locos out and about that day were 47459 and 47433.

47436 25/6/1989 Bangor
On the 0850 London Euston - Holyhead.

47457 'Ben Line' 2/7/1989 Holyhead
On the 1343 Holyhead - London Euston.

47228 9/7/1989 Llandudno Junction
13.08 Llandudno - Holyhead and 16.30 Holyhead - Llandudno "North Wales Coast Steam Specials" only between Llandudno and Llandudno Junction. The 47 was used to avoid run arounds at Llandudno. On that day the steam local was 35028 "Clan Line". It was quite an interesting time with pairs of 20's working the daily Blythe Bridge services (20169/141 recorded on the 4th, 2003?/063 on the 6th, 20005/208 on the 7th).

47321 and 47333 ?/1989 Llandudno Junction
I don't seem to have records for these, so assume I didn't take them for haulage (now where is my 1989 Platform 5 book!). Looking at the stock and weather I'd say there around the same period and on the same "kettle" turns as 47228.

47976 'Aviemore Centre' 05/8/1990 Chester
On the 0926 Holyhead - London Euston. This was another trip to Scotland, with 47456 taking us from Crewe - Preston via Chester, dragging 86412 on the 1000 London Euston - Glasgow Central, with 85018 forward to Glasgow Central. By this time there were more 156's around than 47's - the 156's were an appalling substitute for 47's on the push-pulls.

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