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1964 - four photo's

1964: D1571 (became 47453) at Halton, a now closed station on a now closed line, working a Leeds-Morecambe service in 1964, the loco allocated to either Holbeck or Tinsley depot at the time. Halton was a link between Wennington on the 'Little S & C' and Lancaster, also providing a link avoiding Lancaster and Carnforth through to Morecambe and/or Heysham Harbour. Copyright: Ken Nuttal

1964: An unknown date in 1964, this is D1511 (47412) approaching Darlington on 1A15 0900 Newcastle-Kings Cross, the up Tyne Tees Pullman.
Photo Copyright: Brian Sherrington collection

1964: D1733 at Birmingham Snow Hill, taken after 20th June 1964, but possibly in July or August of that year not too long after entering service in XP64 colours and still with BR logo on a red background. Brian Morrison's 'Profile of the 47s' book from 1987 has an image of 47853 without BR logos taken on 2nd May 1965, this is the earliest photo with a confirmed date that has been found of the loco without BR logos - though some reports say they were removed after the initial press runs. Evidently the logos lasted a bit longer, as here it can be seen that the white tyres which it had when painted have faded somewhat. The weathered appearance of the loco however is caused by this being from an old negative.
Photo Copyright: Charles Steele

11/03/64: The pioneer 47, D1500, stands at York shed as a Deltic passes by. Of course this and D1501 are now preserved.
Photo Copyright: Brian Sherrington collection

13/06/64: D1576 at Low Fell Junction in 1964 at a time when 47s were still in the early stages of production, note the original grill at the number one end (furthest from camera) rather than the opening vents that replaced them within a few years. This machine later became 47456, and was seen here on a Saturday hauling 1E14 1100 Glasgow-Kings Cross - the 'up' Queen of Scots Pullman.
Photo Copyright: Brian Sherrington collection

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