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10/06/77: 47432 at Kings Cross. 432 has the first type of headlight that 47s received - fitted underneath the drivers side tail light. Few carried these, possibly only 432/434/523 and 601 (and later as 901 when re-engined).
Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

22/06/77: 47456, Blackpool. Copyright: Steve Ryder

22/06/77: 47456 waiting to leave Blackpool North with the 1245 to Manchester Victoria. Copyright: Steve Ryder

28/07/77: 47356, with a bit of symmetry going on with it's former destination box, at Shipley Gate between Bennerley and Langley Mill, heading towards Toton. Of the 47s with painted out D numbers beneath the cab windows, 356 is unusual here as it's TOPS number is nearest the second-mans side cab door, rather than at the other end by the driver's door (compare with 256 image).
Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

xx/07/77: 47164 in Union Jack BR Blue at York, later this was 47822. 47163 also carried this livery, which became 47787 - a regular Royal Train performer. Copyright: Andrew Cameron

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