The Class 47 List Archive Photography - 1983

Archive photography as contributed to The Class 47 List. Images are not for re-distribution as they remain copyright of their respective photographers
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    29/01/83: 47252 (615 and 747 in later years) and 08935 at Westbury. Copyright: Andrew Cameron

    04/02/83: An ECS at Preston hauled by 47430.
    Copyright: Glenn Jones

    19/02/83: 47041, with a tidy rebuilt front end here coincidentally, passes Chinley working in place of a class 40 with a Cleethorpes to Manchester via Sheffield Midland empty newspaper train. 41 ended up as 764 and finished service in 2001.
    Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

    27/02/83: 47158 at North Muskham heading from Peterborough to York. 158 had worked 1G60 0920 Peterborough-York as far as Peterborough in connection with a Flying Scotsman hauled steam charter. 158 hauled the return throughout from York.
    Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

    15/03/83: 47242, probably not long before being fitted with electric train heating capability as 47659, seen at Bristol Bath Road in a variation of BR blue with large fleet number on the cab front and black window surrounds. It would carry a few livery variations in later life as 47814, large logo blue with no black window surrounds but with small fleet numbers, and very briefly when it was given 'XC' logos on its Virgin livery for the Totnes Castle naming. The bodyshell is still in existance today as a GM engined type 5.
    Photo Copyright: John Lacy

    30/04/83: 47552 descends the bank into Manchester Victoria working 1M58 0850 Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street. Track on the right is now part of the Metrolink tram system.
    Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

    30/04/83: 47540 approaches Manchester Victoria, past the former Manchester Exchange, working 1E99 1305 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough. 540 of course survives, as previously mentioned it is the last 47 in the Civil Engineers livery.
    Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

    12/05/83: 47480 at Blackpool North, shunting stock from the 1500 Euston to Blackpool to the carriage sidings. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    12/05/83: 47481, Blackpool North, 2J64 1917 Blackpool North to Manchester Victoria. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    21/05/83: 47509 'Albion' near Eccles (after Ordsall Lane) orignally shown here as probably heading for Liverpool, with a train likely to be from Newcastle, however another photo of it has been received coincidentally from the same day, see below...
    Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

    21/05/83: 47509 arrives at Colwyn Bay working 1M63 1100 Scarborough-Bangor. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    25/05/83: 47492, Grange over Sands, 1F32 1823 Barrow to Liverpool. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    28/05/83: 47171 at Crewe Works stripped down for a heavy overhaul during its conversion to 47592, shortly after which it was named 'County of Avon'. Although the headcode panel seen here has flat marker light lenses this is actually the number 2 end cab. The lenses here would very shortly be replaced with hinged versions before it returned to service as part of a cab modification to all 47s at the number 2 end of the locomotive which had begun a month earlier in April 1983. This loco would later become 47738 and it is this number 2 cab seen here which survives at Plymouth. Both ends of 47738 received oval buffers.
    Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

    28/05/83: A pair of 47/4s - both with the number 1 end cabs at this end. At sole-bar level both are the same, but the comparison is with cab fronts. 582 on the right has the late 70s style headcode cover arrangement, whilst 521 has a flush front. 582 carries some minor damage here, a dented cab front hand-rail plus a broken middle lamp bracket and some damage to the skirting in the corner closest to the photographer.
    Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

    28/05/83: 47083 before departing Preston on an Adex to Blackpool North. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    31/05/83: 47539 working 1P65 1715 Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North, passing Farington Junction. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    02/06/83: 47096 having terminated at Preston after 1P33 1614 Liverpool-Preston. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    06/06/83: 47534 crossing Maudland Viaduct after leaving Preston on 1P65 1715 Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    07/06/83: 47244 and it's unusual front end 'bodge' passing Preston on a Freightliner working. Here's a link to a photo of it before the front had been repainted! Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    08/06/83: 47534, Preston, 1P65 1715 Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    15/06/83: 47191, Fylde Junction about to head to the right of the photo to continue 1P70 1440 Euston-Blackpool on from Preston to Blackpool North. The track it's heading on to no longer connects to the Blackpool line, trains have to cross over towards the rear of the train at a slower speed. Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    24/09/83: 47581 arriving at Norwich with a working from London Liverpool Street, obviously in the days before overhead wires. Copyright: Neil Walkling

    08/10/83: 47120 at Huntley working the 0848 Inverness-Aberdeen.
    Copyright: Glenn Jones

    24/12/83: 47207 at Doncaster on an Edinburgh-Kings Cross. Copyright: David Hall