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30/01/94: 47100 (left) and 47007 (right) lead two rows of 47s at Booths scrap yard. 100 leads 445 and 116, while 007 has behind it 099 and 002.
Photo Copyright: David Hall

19/03/94: 47234 (and 47016 on the right) at the Old Oak Common open day of 1994.
Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

XX/03/94: 47484, 121, and 004 at Old Oak Common on an open day. Copyright: Richard Boyd

16/04/94: 47676 at Retford Low Level on a ballast train. Copyright: Nick Green

19/04/94: 47822 on the blocks at Paddington.
Copyright: GGC

11/06/94: 47475 at Dawlish. Copyright: Neil 'a good time was had by all' Walkling (sorry Neil!)

24/06/94: 47598 - which later became 47742, quite recognisable here with its flat front - at Doncaster hauling 1A41 2129 Bradford to Kings Cross. The lightning strike, especially the positioning of it, makes the photo quite remarkable considering these were the days when photographic experimentation was much harder as you did not see your results until you paid for them to be processed, and even that could only be done when you finished your film! Aren't we spoilt these days...
Photo Copyright: David Hall

29/06/94: 47492 at Doncaster. Copyright: Nick Green

14/07/94: 47832 at Cockwood Harbour, working unknown.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

15/07/94: 47773 at Dawlish on an eastbound mail service.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

21/07/94: 47771 arrives at Par working a Tavistock Junction to Long Rock, and later worked an 'up' mail train.
Photo Copyright: Neil Walkling

31/07/94: After repaint into Waterman Railways black, 710 was named Lady Godiva, seen at Birmingham New Street. 47488, 47703 and 47705 also carried the Waterman livery, as did 712 which kept it during Fragonset operation into this millennium.
Photo Copyright: Simon Travers

31/07/94: 47704 at Nuneaton being detached from 86207 on the diverted 1A20 1350 Wolverhampton-Euston, which it had worked from presumably Birmingham. 47710, now in Waterman black as per the previous pic, and 47757 also worked Nuneaton drags on this day.
Photo Copyright: Mark Jamieson

31/07/94: Also present on this day was 47530, seen at Birmingham New Street. Did this work any trains on this day? There is currently no record of it in the July '94 archive.
Photo Copyright: Mark Jamieson

18/08/94: 47674 'Womens Royal Voluntary Service' at Doncaster. Needless to say this became 47854.
Photo Copyright: Dave Scarlett

XX/10/94: 47811 at Long Rock carriage sidings near Penzance with its sleeper coaching stock. Copyright: Shaun C

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