Bedford to Nuneaton drags

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12/10/91: Here is 47550 with 87031 and a DVT at Kettering of all places on one of the spells where WCML trains were scheduled to be hauled from Nuneaton to Bedford by diesel loco's from where the 86/87/90s would haul passenger trains into St Pancras. Exact working details have been thin on the ground - 550's train for example is unknown, though thanks to members of the Brush47 email group and reads of The Class 47 List the following information has been compiled, further information or photos welcome to, thanks.
Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

West Coast to Midland Mainline AC loco drags
In the 1980s there were brief but rare occasions of emergency dragging if the WCML was blocked temporarily with drags from Nuneaton or sometimes Bletchley to St Pancras, these were without an AC loco in tow and the diesel loco hauled the train through to London and usually being non stop from Nuneaton-St Pancras with any available spare power including 37213/56031, pairs of 20s, and a mixed 20/25 pairing!

The booked workings diversion we are covering here however occurred on two weekends in late 1991 and again over a Bank Holiday weekend in 1992 (no 47 hauled workings known for the latter) and utilised and emergency timetable, mostly using trains to/from Liverpool.

12/10/91: 47520 was seen south of Kettering in mid afternoon.
Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

The following Nuneaton-Bedford drag details have been unearthed via the Brush47 email group. Any further contributions would be very welcome (notes in brackets refer to the locations between the listed loco worked);

Saturday 12/10/91
    47520 1A37 1210 Liverpool-St Pancras (Nuneaton-Bedford)
    47520 1P67 xxxx St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton)
    47830 1F14 xxxx St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton)
    47830 1P14 1610 Liverpool-St Pancras (Nuneaton-Bedford)
    47830 1F24 xxxx St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton)
    47973 1Fxx 0813 St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton, 0903 from Bedford)
    47973 1A52 1510 Liverpool-St Pancras (Nuneaton-Bedford)
    47973 1F22 1808 St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton)
    47971 1A70 2010 Liverpool-St Pancras (Nuneaton-Bedford)
    86251 1Fxx 0813 St Pancras-Liverpool (973 from Bedford)
    86251 1Fxx 1711 St Pancras-Liverpool (xxx from Bedford)
    87021 1Pxx 0910 Liverpool-St. Pancras, 87021 from Bedford, ??? from Nuneaton?

12/10/91: 47848 at Glendon Junction, north of Kettering, on a morning southbound working.
Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

Sunday 13/10/91

    47476 1G28 1120 Euston-Wolverhampton (Nuneaton-BNS)
    47528 1Fxx 0720 St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton)
    47580 1G24 0830 Euston-Wolverhampton (Nuneaton-Wolverhampton)
    47580 1T26 1221 Wolverhampton-Euston (Wolverhampton-Nuneaton)
    47848 1Fxx 1800 St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton)
    87015 1Fxx 1800 St Pancras-Liverpool (848 forward from Bedford-Nuneaton)

12/10/91: Also south of Kettering late in the afternoon is 47830 heading north.
Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

Saturday 02/11/91

    47483 1Fxx 1614 St Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford–Nuneaton)
    47819 1A37 1210 Liverpool-St Pancras (Nuneaton–Bedford)

12/10/91: 47830 near Glendon Junction at about 0900 heading north.
Photo Copyright: Howard Osiransky

Saturday 23/05/92

    86102 = 1Fxx 1548 St Pancras-Liverpool (86102 to Bedford for ??? forwards)
    47972 = 1T44 1710 Liverpool-St.Pancras (Nuneaton-Bedford)
    47972 = 1T45 1947 St.Pancras-Liverpool (Bedford-Nuneaton)
Sunday 24/05/92
    47615 = 1T34 1540 Liverpool-St Pancras (Nuneaton-Bedford)
    47971 = 1T16 0858 Liverpool-St.Pancras (Nuneaton-Bedford)
    90001 = 1Fxx 2057 St Pancras-Liverpool (90001 to Bedford for ??? forwards)
During one weekend 90024 at Bedford was a standby for the elctrics, likely to have been dragged across from Bletchley.

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