offering our services to UK charities and organisations

The main format of these charter trains - is quite like the fondly remembered British Rail 'Merrymaker' style day trips, using traditional Intercity carriages designed for long distance rail travel in relative comfort and trains usually hauled by heritage British built diesel engines (mainly of the class 47 variety).

We aim to offer these trains at the lowest achievable fares for each journey, based on the costs that we have to meet to run each trip and thus presenting generally better value for money than most available rail fares for similar journeys in the UK, and by offering journies that are not normally possible without needing to change to different trains during the journey.

The changing nature of the UK rail network means considerably more time and effort is involved in the organising now and the type of thing we do is therefore becoming less common and we hope you appreciate and enjoy the day as much as possible when it arrives!

Trains are stewarded by a large group of friendly volunteers who travel to provide on the day assistance and help recreate the friendly atmosphere of the 'traditional' style rail excursion.
Drivers, guards and any maintenance staff sent out on a train will be employed by the train companies it is run through and all have many years of railway experience, and on each trip our team will aim to work alongside these people to deliver what we are required to and ensure we do our best to help the public (in the process).

The 'additional' ethos of our trains (unlike some other charter train promoters) is that we aim to serve smaller rail stations where possible as well as bigger towns and cities and that we offer days out or itineraries that are normally not achievable by direct train from each of the stations we run from!
The routes and destinations of the excursions will tend to be those which are proven to be popular, unusual, scenic and interesting in some respect.
We also aim to offer a variety of itineraries based on what is known to be available to us on each date and what is likely to be popular enough with those who may be interested in joining us!

We are in favour of promoting environmentally friendly travel and encouraging use of public transport and in organising these style of trips we try to show the positive way in which this can be well utilised even in an age where private car journeys are now the countryís favoured way to get about.

Ideas and suggestions - are always welcome (see our contact details page), although we can only do our best to take them 'on board' in each case!

Other services and ways we may be able to help sometimes:
We have a team of people involved who, between them, have a great level of expertise in planning, the rail network, access to certain useful or important additional information required for planning, knowledge of the operating constraints of charter trains and what is generally involved in charter trains.

We aim to offer: -

  • Useful suggestions
  • Realistic advice
  • Flexible solutions

    Sports club or other organisation? - We have the access to information and planning/organising expertise you may need concerning the organising of a trip either tailored to suit your specific needs, or indeed you can make suggestions if you have an idea or proposal you simple wish to run by us!

    We can assist in the organising of your transport and charter trains to meet the needs of up to and above 700+ passengers per train (depending on your requirements). With adequate notice offered we can provide the stewarding you may need for a football or sports special (or indeed other type of train trip) and indeed source appropriate catering if required, 'subject to availability' of all your required resources being available on the required date.

    If you are charity, club, association or non-profit organisation thinking of or interested in using charter trains as either transport or as a fundraising tool then please also feel free to get in touch!

    Getting married or celebrating something special? - There are many possible ideas connected to charter trains, which include exclusive and special silver service dining trains.
    If you have ever wondered about this type of thing for your 'big day' then we are prepared to discuss it. The costs connected may outweigh many or indeed most normal wedding budgets or celebrations though but these events can suit some occasions if sufficient budgets are available to make that special day a bit more memorable!
    If we canít help you plan anything or get involved then we may suggest alternatives or how to book on something already available such as an hiring a few tables or even a carriage on a more 'exclusive' train of some kind running on or around the date of your celebrations. The latter option would involve booking with the specific organiser of that trip.

    Our Request: - Please email about any of the above only if you have a serious enquiry or question connected to this.
    If you are just looking for links to websites to book on a dining train and not considering anything on a greater scale then please use a good internet search engine and try to research this yourselves as we have a busy workload already during certain periods and may be unable to reply to brief queries not specifically relevant.

    Donations from these special trains can be made to charities.

    The information contained on these pages will be updated on a regular basis once it is known - so please add our site to your bookmarks list.

    COMPASS TOURS, this page first published 2003, last checked 16/05/07