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All* postal bookings should be sent to:

Compass Tours Bookings,
46 Hallville Road,
L18 0HR.
*(Unless specified via promotion as otherwise).

Please ensure you have completed either a booking form for every trip you are booking, or you send your booking with all of the information normally required on our booking form.
We cannot be held responsible for errors or spelling mistakes, so please ensure you have completed your details accurately.

Payment by Cheque:
Please make these payable to 'COMPASS TOURS' ensuring that it has been issued for the correct amount owed based on the number of tickets you have booked for the particular excursion - and costs of any additional options you have chosen for each member of your party travelling.

Credit and Debit card bookings:
We apologize but this is not available due to the costs involved.

Telephone bookings/reservations:
We can offer you the chance to conduct bookings over the telephone for our trips. We can reserve your seats and take your booking details between 10am and 6pm on Mondays to Fridays.
The booking is only confirmed once payment is received by Compass Tours.

Please telephone 0151 722 1147 between the hours mentioned above.

If booking by cheque we will only guarantee your booking is helf for around one week until your cheque is received (with confirmation of your name and date of travel/number and type of seats etc. you booked).
After that (unless your payment is received) your reservation will not be guaranteed.

Booking via the Internet:
You can reserve your seats by providing all of your information by email if you wish, but payment by the above methods must be received within 5 working days to guarantee any internet reservations.


Confirmation of booking:
If you require confirmation of your booking, please ensure you have noted this with either on or with your booking form along with an SAE.

Conditions of Booking:
It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with these.
Paying your money and booking your tickets confirms your acceptance of these so we cannot be held responsible for anything covered by these conditions.
Copies are available by sending an SAE to us with written note of request, or can be viewed on this website by clicking here.

The information contained on these pages will be updated on a regular basis once it is known - so please add our site to your bookmarks list.

COMPASS TOURS, this page first published 2003, last checked 21/01/09.