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  • Trains - unless otherwise specified, will be formed of traditional spacious carriages with ample leg-room and comfortable seating areas. Further carriage details can be found lower on this page...

  • Catering facilities - we normally offer these facilities on our trains, details are displayed with the information for every trip that is running. These are variable and may depend on requests or requirements of a charity/organisation we are organising the trip for.
    Whilst whoever is supplying the on-train catering will endeavour to provide a good range of hot and cold snacks, refreshments and alcoholic beverages there is a limit to what can be done aboard a train unless there is a dining option available and advertised on the particular train.
    Passengers in standard and first class accommodation are therefore welcome to bring their own food or picnic hampers (which may be left in luggage racks at the destinations, although items are left at the passengers own risk) to either ensure there is a guarantee you have your choice of items or simply to compliment the range the buffet is able to offer on the occasion of your trip. The train's friendly buffet staff are also there to help you too and will endeavour to assist if they can do so in any way.

  • Standard Class - decent legroom, with some carriages having a mix of 'bays' of two seats together (with folding tables) and the usual four seats arranged around a table and other standard class carriages being sat mainly all around tables of four seats. One to two toilets are available in all carriages, and these traditional carriages provide a more comfortable ride quality than the modern trains that are used by today’s railway companies (owing to the lack of motors and engines underneath each carriage which are found on modern diesel trains). If you have preferential or specific requirements regarding seating please make us aware when booking or discuss it with us prior to booking. Generally we will endeavour to meet these needs.
    First class has all of the above plus the following extras as mentioned below.

  • First Class - normally trains will convey first class seating and will be advertised if available. For a 'bit extra' our First Class carriages offer even more comfortable seats - wider than those in standard class with more leg room, with tables, curtains, and often with personal roof lights or table lamps, in an even more relaxing and tranquil environment.
    Greater service levels can often be appreciated by first class passengers from our on board team.

  • Guaranteed Table for two - If you are travelling First class but would like the additional privacy and a guaranteed window seat - we will charge a supplement of £10 per person (unless otherwise stated) to sit you in a bay of two seats (opposite each other around a table) instead of the normal four seated bay.
    It should be added to the total amount owed on your booking, along with confirmation on your booking form.

  • Disabled Passengers (and mobility problems) - We are more than happy to do our best to accommodate anybody with special needs connected to mobility problems or disability. Please advise us in advance of any assistance you may require, such as help with boarding and alighting from the train - so as we can discuss it with you and offer you any assistance on the day if needed as well as aim to allocate you the most appropriate seating.
    Folding wheelchairs can be taken on all trains without difficulty and there is space to stow them for you during the journey. We may also be able to take people who cannot leave their wheelchair throughout the excursion on occasions, subject to the required space remaining in appropriate carriages on each particular tour and your requirements. The normal available locations are situated in the seating area, close to toilets etc.

  • Personal belongings - Whilst on board you remain responsible for any personal belongings you have brought along with you and the safe stowage of these. Overhead luggage racks are normally available and often space between seat backs and in areas at the end of the carriage.
    When we are at our destination you may leave personal belongings aboard the train at the passengers own risk (although please take anything valuable with you) as the train is usually locked after passengers leave and then goes to sidings/train depot for the period of our stay.

  • Special locomotives - If the locomotive hauling the train is of interest to you, we normally specify the type of locomotives intended to be used.
    For our tour on the 30th August 2003 we specified a freight class 47 from Freightliner and we were provided with the locomotive photographed above, 47292. Other locomotives used so far have included the AC Loco Group's 86101, Cotswold Rail owned 47714, 47813 and 47818, Fragonset owned 47703, 47709 and 47832, Riviera Trains owned 47812, 47815, 47847 and 47853, and West Coast Railway Company owned 47854, and 57601.
    (loco's used on 'empty stock' workings for Compass Tours that have remained on the train during the tours include 31128, 37197 and 47355).
    Obviously, but unfortunately we cannot take any responsibility for mechanical failures or unavailability of expected locomotives on the day itself.

  • Entertainment - Any special on-board features or entertainment (normally chosen by the charity/organisation we are running it for) will be promoted beforehand.
    Normally you should expect on-board raffles/competitions (proceeds normally to charity - which will be mentioned in advertising) and possibly sales/information stands, normally for the charity involved with the trip.

  • Other Information - tickets and final timings posted to advance booking passengers around a week before the trip, which normally include further itinerary information about your trip and features available on the day.
    You will be presented with a further more detailed itinerary guide on the day.
    If you require a confirmation that your booking has been received, please request this along with your initial booking, otherwise you will hear from us when we send you your tickets around a week before the date of the excursion.

    The information contained on these pages will be updated on a regular basis once it is known - so please add our site to your bookmarks list.

    Photographs used here are copyright of the editor, and show the carriage interiors shows examples that Compass Tours used for its rail-tours on 30/05/05 and 18/06/05 and will be using for future tours.

    COMPASS TOURS, this page first published 2003, last checked on 16/05/07