offering our services to UK charities and organisations


  • We are a small organisation, not a part of any large company and not aiming to operate as a commercial profit making venture. We are a small team of individuals who are dedicated to the planning, arranging and operating of excursions principally by specially hired charter trains in comfortable carriages.
  • We visit interesting destinations, via often scenic and interesting routes, offering enjoyable and comfortable travel by rail for journeys from local railway stations to various parts of the UK not usually manageable in one day by normal regularly scheduled train services.
  • We also aim to assist in offering advice, assistance and possible solutions to other groups and organisations wishing to utilise charter trains or considering the option which may include charities, sports clubs or other organisations. This may be in planning, organising and indeed operating (in some cases) of the excursion or charter train required by the organisation concerned.

  • The Compass Tours Management and PR Team consists of:
      Kevin Melia operations manager (email)
      John Melia office manager(email)
      Shaun Courtnage assistant and website manager (email)
  • Some of our current Steward Team:
      Jon Cowe
      Graham Morris
      Nick Scott
      Tim Ward
      Darran Moss
      Steve Kibble (catering management)
      Natalie Whittington (catering management)
      The Management and also the PR teams are aboard the train to assist during the day.
  • Also a big thanks for help on some of our tours and ‘behind the scenes’ goes to:
      Chris, Claire, Rob, Simon Chamberlain, Keith Croker, Sam Dilworth, Damian Gardiner, Malcolm Gibbons, Gordon Glossop, Peter Haddock, Nick Harvey, Angela Hughes, Geoff Hughes, Nicola Hughes, George & Anne, Mary Jinks, Saul Kennedy, Mike Lund, Phil Mackin, Phil Marsland, Paul McNeil, Nick Meskell, Simon Pedley, Ed Pentney, Natalie Pepper, Jonno Perks, Sarah Pinchen, Steve Simister, Duncan Street, Simon Vellacott, Andrew Ward, 'Sid' Webster, Andy Williamson,
      the crew at the West Coast Railway Company (WCRC)
      especially to James, Jim, John, Keith, Pam, Pat and Peter, the staff, guards and drivers of WCRC, Victa Westlink (formerly of Fragonset Merlin Rail) and Cotswold Rail/Advenza Freight Limited (Gloucestershire).
      And finally a very big thank you to Phil Grint, for the massive level of time and energy put into talking to passengers and taking enquiries on the phone in the period of 2004 and 2005 and often stewarding on the railtours. His enthusiasm and hard work will not be forgotten and he will be greatly missed as he has stood down and will no longer be a regular member of the team.

    The majority of our team photographed on Sunday 30th May 2004 between our 29th May and 31st May 2004 tours with the locomotive used on both days,
    top row: Rob, Graham, Sarah, Phil G, Kevin, Simon C, Steve, Jonno,
    middle row: Sid,
    bottom row: Shaun, Sam, Ed, Claire, Chris, Natalie W, Jon C.

    And a final thank you to all the other individuals who are involved in railtour planning, promotion and on the day support who we have forgotten to mention or have yet to be added!

    As many of our team have railway background and interests we enjoy the prospect of arranging trips that are popular not only to the general public but also rail enthusiasts and followers of certain classic diesel locos.

    The information contained on these pages will be updated on a regular basis once it is known - so please add our site to your bookmarks list.

    COMPASS TOURS, 2002-7