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sending sightings and news, please read before contacting The Class 47 List website:

The standard contact details for The Class 47 List website:

* - for news and archive info back to 2001, also use this email for *all* photos,
rjrooker@hotmail.com - for 1990-2000 archive info.
text 07706 509794**

*Emails must include your name/alias, and information mentioned in the following paragraph.
**Texts must include your name *and* email address, else they will not be used. No replies will be sent, no calls will be answered.

You can email and text any news/gossip/sightings/history related to class 47's, or anything that may affect any class 47 workings in future.
Information for sightings *MUST* include the date it was seen, the loco, the *LOCATION* seen, the working it was on (or it least which way it/they were heading) or where the loco was stabled, and also please include either the name you wish the news to be credited to, or an 'alias'.
For photographic contributions, please see lower down the page.

Questions are welcome via email only, but if I don't know the answer then I may not reply.
Corrections are welcome too, especially to spelling errors or date errors, mistakes on my part are quite rare (apart from grammar! and those caused by senders who haven't checked their email properly before pressing send) but sources of information can somtimes be conflicting from more than one source, so any help in alterations to these is also appreciated for historical note.

I often do not reply to sightings and news received by email, this may be because I haven't got around to reading the email, or that the email simply requires a 'thankyou' in return. All information is gratefully received and I thank each and every one of you in advance here: THANK YOU!

If you want to email photographs please read below (changed 14/06/08).

email photographs

During my 'dial-up internet' days I introduced a few rules here for sending photo's through, but these are now mostly irrelevant as I have broadband these days, hence the frequent updates that you will hopefully have noticed, rather than the sporadic ones of the past years - usually caused by myself getting bored whilst downloading massive photo's.
I no longer wish you to resize photo's before sending them, I can do this myself, but if you do want to resize them before sending then you can change them using your photo editing programmes to 700 pixels wide for normal images, or 750 pixels wide for images where the landscape forms more of the image than the train. I do require you to remove full stops/dots from any image file names before you send them though, otherwise I cannot open them and the images will not be used.

You may send sightings at the same time as photographs (something I requested was not done previously).

I attempt to use most photographs though sometimes this may not be possible. Photo's not used may be used at a later date.

comments and suggestions

If you have any of these then please email, if I don't know what's wrong I can't change it, similarly if I don't know what you'd like to see online then I can't put it on...

The internet explosion since I started here in 2000 means that there was a viewing explosion as the end of Virgin Cross Country and First Great Western 47 workings happened, since that the viewing figures have gone down and then stayed at an average figure - mainly due to less 47's on the mainline but this can also be blamed on the ease of gen finding from other sources, new websites and rival email groups, cranks passing gen between each other and often not finding its way to me (obviously some things are with-held by sources due to being commercially sensitive), or simply because I don't update the site enough.
I have very few official sources, members of some companies who own(ed) 47's have emailed in the past but very rarely do so nowadays, so if you know something I have stated is wrong or would like something mentioning then please let me know.

Being away from the class 47 scene for periods of time means that I do miss out on 'hot' news (or even 'warm' news!), so all I can say to people who do moan is that please do not presume that I know what is happening, the more emails the better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for emailing news, photographs, and corrections.

other website information

Answers to Frequently Asked Question can be found by clicking here. That page also includes some information on the website beginnings, some of the general info is also included above on this page.

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