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    Hello, and welcome to the Optare Excel News website

    Part 1 - studies the Optare Excel nationwide, and abroad.
    This site has been created to study the British built Optare Excel low-floor single-decker bus, built between 1995 and 2004.
    The attempt is to provide information on all the vehicles built and to provide details on where they are now through these pages listed below...

    The Excel News page - updated **23rd October 2016** will keep you up to date with *sales* and other important Excel information not reported in the reference list section.

    Reference list/ bus registrations is one of the most important parts of this site, showing you the original owners of all the Excels and their current owners - also giving you an easy index to track those re-registered vehicles, updated October 2013.

    Owner Index - includes a page which shows the operators using Excels in **2014**, though the links to individual operators was last updated in 2010 and shows the Excel owners between 2005 and 2010 only.

    Converted Excels - converted for non PSV use.

    Demonstrators - many Excels began life as Demonstrator vehicle to sell the Excel brand and many were used to cover at locations when companies sent vehicles back to Optare for repairs. This page tracks where those vehicles were seen 'demonstrating'.

    Photography - self explanatory, though most photographs are just shown on the news page.

    Chassis types - L960, L1000, L1070, L1100, L1150, L1180, L1189L, these links do not currently work (except L960 and L1000, added 06/02/13), these take a long time to compile so will only be available when time permits an accurate update.

    Older pages no longer updated as more recent information is included on other relevant pages instead;
    'Lost' Excels is a page which shows the Excels you will no longer find for various reasons (scrapped/exported/reregistered)
    SORN/Unlicensed is a page that attempts to keep tabs on vehicles off road for whatever reason, less frequently updated.

    Emailing me would be very much appreciated to help the above lists stay up to date.

    *Important* - I am not employed within the bus industry and as such the information shown throughout the site is generally from the public domain, though a few operators supply information too, notes used from the DVLA website are not always 100% correct and are used as a guide in some areas, no information shown within this Optare Excel site should be used by any viewer to judge how operators go about their business, nor should the site be presumed to be a fully accurate account.

    Blackpool Excel - details of this section provided below.

    Part 2 - Blackpool Excel:

    This section of the site takes on the challenge of recording in detail the first of many routes in Lancashire to become “LOW FLOOR” and to study one operator's vehicles.
    Back in 1996, using a pre production batch of Optare Excels - Blackpool Transport transformed route 44. This site tells the story not only of the buses, but also of the route, the services, and the operations.

    Now a part of history, the buses are long gone and the route and its timings have changed, this site will hopefully tell you everything you never thought you wanted to know(!)...

So, why Excels? As shown in the Blackpool section of the site, the buses featured were the first low floor buses in Lancashire in the country. The final Excel's were built in 2003, and at a build total of 588 (589 if '43' at Leeds Bradford Airport is one that has never carried a UK registration) they are just about manageable in size to keep a track of, yet large enough to have spread countrywide to attract enthusiast interest.
It is also interesting to be able to track the movements of a modern bus fleet across the country, a task I have not seen accomplished elsewhere on the internet.

Your help in continuing this would be appreciated, a news page will be added to chart movements of vehicles between companies and to highlight what changes have been made to any of the vast number of pages. You can assist me in reporting any movements or contributing photo's of the vehicles in service etc. You can email me at slc9t9@yahoo.com (copy and paste email address).
Thanks for visiting,
Shaun C, 2010

The website is in no way connected to Optare or its staff. The editor is not connected to any bus company.