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  • Full class 47 fleet status updated to 25/07/04

  • EWS stored 47's locations and pool codes (updated 17/12/04)

  • Squad list Every remaining 47 listed with engine hours to 22/03/03

  • Class 47 fleetlist (excluding Fragonset) for 2002

  • Cross Country Class 47's Review of the 32 Class 47s that worked for Virgin XC (2000)

  • Western Region 47's Review of the seven Class 47s on hire to First Great Western (2000)

  • Winter 2004 the winters passenger 47 hauled trains - headcodes and timings to 12/12/04

  • Summer 2004 the summers passenger 47 hauled trains - headcodes and timings

  • Winter 2003/4 Passenger workings between September 2003 and 31st March 2004

  • S+C drags 2003 PRESTON-CARLISLE drags

  • Summer 2002 Class 47 workings at the beginning of Summer 2002

  • Virgin to Holyhead 2002 January + February 2002 (text file)

  • Winter 2001/2002 FGW 47 Workings FGW 47 diagrams

  • Winter 2001/2002 Virgin Workings 47 hauled trains on Monday's-Friday's during the winter

  • 2001 summer diagrams for 2001.

  • Summer 2001 Class 47 Working Alphabetical list of Class 47s hauled trains in summer 2001

  • Summer 2001 FGW 47 Workings Full timings for FGWS loco hauled trains in 2001

  • Birmingham-Nuneaton Drags Summer 2001 drag timings and train details

  • 2002 North West Drags Preston/ Liverpool-Crewe drags at the end of 2002

  • 2001 North West Drags Preston/ Liverpool-Crewe drags at the end of 2001

  • 2001 Spring workings in early 2001

  • 1999/2000 Winter XC diagrams 99/00

  • 1999 Summer diagrams in 1999

  • 1997 Summer Sundays a quick view of 47 diagrams in 1997

  • The Blackpool-Portsmouth Working

  • Photography on this page is Ian Hall and Shaun C.
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