Below: 47725 'Bristol Barton Hill' at Nuneaton on Sunday 5th August 2001, heading for Birmingham New Street dragging a Class 87.
(Photo Copyright: Shaun Courtnage)

In the past, Virgin West Coast have regularly diverted their services away from Coventry on Sundays, diverting them via Nuneaton, away from electrified routes through Water Orton.

This means the use of a diesel loco is needed between Birmingham New Street and Nuneaton, and for the Summer timetable 2001, these 'drags' are scheduled for every Sunday.

This section details the locomotive diagrams for these workings for reference purposes.

Locos 1-5 should be from the EWS pool of Class 47/7s (unofficial diagram numbering, used for reference here only).

Locos 6 and 7 should be from the ILRA Cross Country Class 47 pool of 47/7s and 47/8s.

Please note when using these pages, all allocated workings are subject to short notice change or cancellation, and that WORKINGS/ DIAGRAMS ARE OFTEN EXCHANGED BETWEEN LOCOS.

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