First Great Western - post Porterbrook non-57 Brush

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47818, Plymouth, 22/09/08 on the 'down'. Copyright - Mark Hodgson

The charm behind train travel combined with the now-nostalgic notion of class 47 haulage on a mysterious all-night train always provides a memorable experience, especially when it includes the relaxing atmosphere of the south west. No wonder then that the 'up' 1A40 and 'down' 1C99 Great Western class 47 hauled 'beds' have always been well reported - though with the passage of time the knowledge of when particular loco's worked fades.
As a result, this page endeavours to remember which 47s have worked for First Great Western since they replaced the loco's they hired from Porterbrook (47811/813/815/816/830/832/846) with class 57s back in 2004 - made possible mostly by Cotswold Rail whose 47703/813/818/828 were used. Cotswold's 810 was not used this time around, though was actually used by FGW in 2001, a footnote about this is provided at the bottom of the page along with mention about other locos hired between 2000-04. Also, Colas Rail provided 47739 for one night.

Footnote: 47810 - 'Porterbrook'

47810, a Cotswold machine that has not so far worked sleeper trains. It was however hired by First Great Western from Virgin Trains (who leased it from Porterbrook - who it was named after of course) during 2001. What did it work? A delve into the archives shows the following:
20/06/01 - VIRGIN: 1V35/ 1M40 1150 Plymouth-BNS/ then 1V97?
21/06/01 - 1C44 1433 Paddington-Plymouth/ 1A88 1840 Plymouth-Paddington/ either in tow or behind 47811 on 1C99 2350 Paddington-Penzance (811 removed at Plymouth - 810 forward alone).
22/06/01 - Penzance/ 1A99 2200 Penzance-Paddington tonight
23/06/01 - 1C56 1630 Paddington-Plymouth(SO)
24/06/01 - 0Z57 Laira-Penzance/ 0Z57 Penzance-Laira (retrieved 57601)/ 5Z45 Laira-Penzance.
25/06/01 - 1A45 0820 Penzance-Paddington/ 1C56 1633 Paddington-Penzance
26/06/01 - 1A45 0813 Penzance-Paddington/ 1C90 2033 Paddington-Plymouth
27/06/01 - 1A28 0630 Plymouth-Paddington
28/06/01 - VIRGIN: 1S87 1418 Paddington-BNS/ 1V98 2006 BNS-Paddington
Thus there is no confirmed haulage of it on the 'beds', though it must have worked the 'down' from Plymouth on the morning of 22/06/01 as mentioned.

Further information will be provided on 2001 use by FGW of 47701/703/709/712/806. 15/07/2001 47701 London Paddington to Truro 1C99 23:50 London Paddington – Penzance Via Chippenham & Bristol Temple Meads 23/07/2001 47701 Truro to London Paddington 1A99 22:00 Penzance - London Paddington Via Bristol Temple Meads & Hawkeridge Jn 11/08/2001 47712 St Erth to Taunton 1A45 08:00 Penzance - London Paddington 30/08/2001 47709 London Paddington to Plymouth 1C44 14:33 London Paddington – Plymouth Via Westbury 30/08/2001 47709 Plymouth to London Paddington 1A88 18:40 Plymouth - London Paddington Via Westbury 30/08/2001 47709 London Paddington to Penzance 1C99 23:50 London Paddington – Penzance Via Hawkeridge Jn & Bristol Temple Meads 712 on 1A45 7/8/2001. 709 on 1C37 1127 Padd-Plym 30/9/2001 Big Bird 04/10/2001 47709 Plymouth to London Paddington 1A28 06:30 Plymouth - London Paddington Via Weston-super-Mare, Bristol Temple Meads & Chippenham Cheers Rich B 726 one day 734 worked last Paignton-Pad to Exeter on top of 703