Life On Mars - 47402

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Life on Mars, produced by Kudos Productions and broadcoast by the BBC (Life on Mars page).
This page uses screenshots from episode 8 of series 2, the above view is after the arrival of 47402 on a short rake of four carriages into Bury Bolton Street, which for the purposes of filming had been renamed as 'Fairfield St. Depot'.

47402 departs Bury Bolton Street on what is supposed to be a parcels working (though with an incorrect 2xxx headcode rather than 3xxx code). Unlike many programmes which use train sounds, this one actually did record the exact sound which matches what can be seen on screen rather than using library stock recordings, the only problem though is that the recording appears to have been taken from the engine room so the turbocharger can be heard more than usual making it sound more like a class 56!

47402 was chosen for its 1973 style appearance, though can be seen with a headlight (only introduced on locomotives in the late 1980s). Throughout Life on Mars the writers suggest things are seen as character 'Sam Tyler' might think 1973 would be like from his coma in 2006, which is fine if you consider Life on Mars as a series on its own, but it then continues without Sam Tyler in the follow up series - Ashes to Ashes, suggesting Sam Tyler was really time travelling and not imagining the whole scenario. Poetic license etc!

47402 received a thorough restoration during late 2009 and re-emerged on the East Lancs Railway on 9th January 2009, now appearing as it did when it entered service in the 1960s (apart from the engine vent grills). It was the second of the 512 class 47s built and now carries its original number of D1501 and was seen at Bury Bolton Street (photo taken by the editor).