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Main Line Loco Hire /
Preservation / Online / Sound / Video/DVD / Youtube / Fotopic / Books / Railway Modelling

main line loco hire - available loco's

who (if you're rich) can you hire loco's from?
Colas Rail: 47727, 47739, 47749.
DRS: 47501, 47709, 47712, 47790, 47802, 47832, 47841.
Riviera Trains: 47769, 47805, 47812, 47815, 47839, 47843, 47847, 47848, 47853.
West Coast Railway Company: 47245, 47760, 47786, 47787, 47804, 47826, 47851, 47854.

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brush type 4 fund, the owners of 47105, 47376 and 47746

stratford 47 group the owners of 47367, 47580 and 47596

47401 project the owners of 47401 and 47417

preserved diesels

end of the line Disposal lists

If you own a 47 and want a website mentioned please email me at the usual address

preserved railways

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Class 47 News - the Sulzerpower.com news page
Future Workings - Sulzerpower.com's diary section
Class47.co.uk - history of class members, many photographs
Class 47 Gallery - '5695' class 47 photographs (site vanished unfortunately)
Martin Loader's 47 pics

national rail - excellent information on how to get to heritage private railways by road/rail etc and contact details.

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  • A new section on this review page was required for this new release, an audio CD capturing the sound of 45 different members of the class.
  • A useful addition to your collections to go alongside your books and videos. If you like the sound of Sulzer then this is a recommended buy, plenty of thrash involved - although no 847 unfortunately, which has one of the most characteristic sounds(!), but still there are plenty of comparisons between healthy sounding engines and... well, the less healthy ones!

    e.N.e.R.G.y Audio website.

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    ONE FOUR SEVEN - by Locomaster Profiles

    So you're asking what a maximum break in snooker has to do with class 47's? Well...I imagine it could have been achieved after riding from Norwich to London on a 47 whilst waiting hours for the next one back, but no, this is a new release (DVD/VIDEO) of One (Anglia's) class 47 diversions of summer 2004, an important event to remember. Two weekday trains each way were 47 hauled throughout from London to Norwich for an eight week period (covered in detail on the Class 47 List, click here) away from the usual route, hence the 47 haulage.
    'One Four Seven' records most of the route from the cab of 47818 on a northbound working and Peter Maxey explains everything you need to know along the way.
    A map is included on the DVD menu which allows you to choose locations along the line to start viewing from.
    Important bits to point out: this is a 'Wired for Sound' cab ride - as well as the standard view ahead you get excellent thrash from a microphone placed near the engine, plus a few trackside views along the way.
    47818 was the loco on the day of filming, travelling from Liverpool Street to Norwich travelling via Cheshunt, Cambridge, Ely, Brandon and Thetford.


  • The follow up to Oakwood's 'Up Pompey', this one attempts to have the longest title - certainly in DVD history(!), filmed on 12th September 2001, one day after the unfortunate events of '9/11', sudden security crackdowns almost saw the end of this cab-ride before it had started.
  • The uncut cab-ride route is from Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street (with commentary), and from there on there is coverage of the stations of the Pines Express to Bournemouth. The DVD also offers uncut footage (without commentary) from BNS to Coventry from the same journey.
  • The Pines Express is of course one of the most famous 'train' names, historic information on this, along with the locomotive, the route, and other relevant information is provided along the way.
  • As per 'Up Pompey', numerous lineside views of the loco on the day are included, rather than just showing any old loco. If any old loco is shown, dates and relevant information are included.
  • The DVD version has turned what is an excellent title almost into a computer game! Proving that technology has come along way, the DVD as well as offering more footage as described above also offers the opportunities to join the journey at any station along the route. After watching for the first few times, it is possible to turn Ken Morgan's informative narrative off by pressing a button, which leaves you with just the sounds of the cab. It is possible to play on your PC, and plug the headphones in and listen to the engine as the driver hears it, along with conversations of the onboard team on the day.
  • The loco was 47843, aboard 1O09 0814 Manchester-Bournemouth, complete with Pines Express headboard. Other loco’s are seen along the way.
  • This was the first Oakwood title released on DVD. Both Video and DVD have a map of the route within the sleeve as per the Up Pompey title, and the DVD has relevant information on use of it.
  • DVD and Video priced at £19.95, published 2004.

    OAKWOOD website


  • A mixed loco video of 2004 of the slight loco hauled resurgence of the year, enabling you with a chance to laugh at class 67’s staggering away from Dawlish on 11 mk2’s in the summer, then with a section on FGW 57’s to either fast forward through or to mute to avoid listening to the awful washing machine sound they make (or even tape over that bit with Eastenders, even that is more entertaining).
    18 minutes in to the tape, the heritage traction begins, with a review of Wessex class 31 turns.
    Then, moving anti-clockwise around the country to Anglia with coverage of the summer London-Norwich 47 hauled workings with 714, 813 and 818 all featuring.
    37’s on the S&C follow from the now extant Arriva Trains Northern, on the same line 47816 and 47851 and pairs of 67’s on Scotrail sleepers were filimed in the first three months of 2004.
    Other things to view in the very random year that was 2004 (still in order) are: 37’s on the Scotrail sleeper to Fort William, 67’s on the other sleeper portions, a 66 and 37421 on the Royal Scotsman when it was still operated by EWS, 47792, 810 and 851 on the G+SW in March, 31’s on the First North Western turn (joining Arriva Trains Northern as a company no longer in existence!), some 57 on the old regular Preston-Longsight 10pm ECS turn, and on to 47732 and 47750 at end of March prior to the end of the Arriva Trains Wales turn and the withdrawl of the 47/7's (except 750 and 787 which last until June). Hard to believe that in January of 2004 there were still a large number of Res 47/7’s to choose from! Following that the loco hauled North Wales summer of 2004 is covered with 816, 826, 830 and 851, and the return of an ATW loco hauled turn in August with 839 and 853.
    Not forgetting the end of the video which features 37s in South Wales and pairs of loco’s on tours (although unfortunately not including 47854 and 57601 on Compass Tours 1Zxx Blair Atholl-Blackburn on 25th September 2004!).
    Noteable of the Train Crazy titles are on screen and narrated diagram information for future reference.

    TRAIN CRAZY, published 2004.


  • Not a 47 title, but worth mentioning for the inclusion of footage of the class.
  • 47’s are seen at times from the lineside, and more numerously at Carstairs arriving and departing with services from/to Edinburgh in 1990.

    TRAIN CRAZY, published 2004.

    UP POMPEY! by Oakwood

  • The only railway video with an exclamation mark in the title???
  • A cab ride video with a difference, being a documentary at the same time
  • A highly enjoyable video, the commentary being continuous and so extensive that the video has to be watched more than once to appreciate both the cab/lineside views and also the well researched facts.
  • The cab rides consist of:
    27/09/01 = 47722 0T32 Eastleigh-Portsmouth & Southsea/ 1M32 Portsmouth & Southsea-Reading (part of the route missed due to being covered on the 2nd half of video), and
    07/04/02 = 47854 1M88 Southampton-Guildford.
    Plenty of info regarding 1O71/1M32, and lots of other views of 47's on the Southern.
  • The video captures the daily operation side of Cross Country perfectly, without jumping aboard the over hyped final rundown of the Cross Country ILRA pool 47's.
    Also for anyone 'local' there is plenty of lineside facts and info.

    OAKWOOD website

    Final days of the Class 47's - parts 1 and 2 - by Train Crazy

  • Both are 'documentary style' video's, with narration and plenty of thrash.
  • Split into two parts:
  • Part One: 47/8's
    Summer Saturdays, Top & Tail to Blackpool, day at Birmingham, Great Western 47's and all the colourful livery variations from the final days of Cross Country.
  • Part Two: 47/0's 47/3's and 47/7's
    Freightliner 47/0s on freight and preserved lines. Fragonset 47/7s on the Midland, 47714 at Great Yarmouth, North West Drags, Bristol Mail overnight, Virgin Trains & Royal 47/7s, and the North Wales Coast.
    TRAIN CRAZY website

    NORTH STAR - SOUTH WEST - by Locomaster Profiles

  • A 'programme factfile', its a cab ride based around the final days of Virgin Cross Country in August 2002. This video focuses more on sound as the loco is 'wired for sound', so rather than constant commentary this one has the sound of 47840 hauling:
    1M56 Penzance-Birmingham New Street.
  • The introduction is by Chris Green (insert various Atlantic Ocean quotes here), and the narration is by David Maxey (didn't he edit Traction magazine?)
  • To finish, the loco line up arranged at Toton involving a 47/8 in every livery that worked for Virgin is included.

    LOCOMASTER website

    TRACK RECORD - by Globe Videos

  • The most recent of Globes trio of 47 videos, “Track Record” features many recent views of Virgin operated class 47’s, along with plenty of archive material and bizarre loco’s hauling passenger trains as well as long gone machines on freight workings too.
    The video isn’t just another tribute video with endless run-by’s but features plenty of decent station shots as well – giving the opportunity to enjoy the good sound quality listening to numerous Sulzer’s ‘thrashing’ well.

    Globe Video website

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    Online Videos:
    Videos featuring clag and or thrash, charismatic of the class:
    47734 posted by 'lullie01' - Res, departing Shrewsbury in 2001, cooling fans working hard.
    47387 posted by 'RUSSANDTILLY' - Freightliner, departing Edge Hill in 1994 on a liner.
    47832 posted by 'VIDEO47' - Arriva, departing Rhyl on load4 - note the quick getaway!
    47826 posted by 'PhantasrailUK - Charter, departing Market Harborough - turbo can be heard scraming from far away with the no.2 end leading.
    Parcels 47 posted by 'Bridge3A' - Night Riviera, departing St Erth dragging an IC 47.
    47705 posted by 'chrispackman' - NSE, departing Reading and Slough.

    Main Line Loco Hire / Preservation / Online / Sound / Video/DVD / Youtube / Fotopic / Books / Railway Modelling


    Photographic Displays (of 47s unless stated) available to all:
    Richard Bucknall
    Andy Harkness
    Adrian Henderson
    Alan Lea
    Philip Leigh
    Micheal Lockley's general Fotopic site
    '47578/JMcP' class 47 gallery
    Colin J. Marsden & Darren Ford's 'ENCYCLOPAEDIA Of Modern Traction NAMES'

    Main Line Loco Hire / Preservation / Online / Sound / Video/DVD / Youtube / Fotopic / Books / Railway Modelling

    written and published image selection

    CLASS 47/8s - Train Crazy

  • The first new class 47 book since the Class 47 Photo File by Vanguard listed below, this is a photographic look at the class 47/8 conversions showing previously unseen images (and many forgotten liveries and odd details) accompanied by detailed image descriptions and presented in a pleasing format.
  • Train Crazy are more famous for train videos but have been producing other books in the last few years.

    TRAIN CRAZY website, published 2006

    CLASS 47 PHOTO FILE - Vanguard Publications

  • The Class 47 Photo File, by Martin Loader and published by Vanguard Publications in 2001 was a novel attempt to feature all 512 class 47’s in the same book, something never done previously (although I’m told one 47 was mistakenly entered in place of another).
  • The book is of A5 size, in 'black and white' (although there are colour photo’s of 47401, 705 and 846 on the cover), it also contains excellent information of technical specifications, info on the sub classes, conversions, preservation, and even regarding the class 48 V12 engine experiment.
  • Other interesting sections include pages showing all numbers carried, beginning at D numbers and listing all numbers carried, the date the loco entered traffic, and all names carried – a final section tells you which loco’s never became 47723, 724 etc in the Res conversion programme of the early 90’s (yes, fill in those gaps which you wondered why they were always there!)
  • Priced at £17.50, published 2001

    ICRS FLEETBOOK - published by Ian Allan

  • The Inter City Railway Society produce a fleetbook published through Ian Allan of Network Rail registered loco's, HST's, multiple units and coaching stock. Whilst 'Platform 5' have been producing the same at a high standard for many years, the ICRS book which is updated to December 10th 2004*** is worth a mention for one main reason from where I'm coming from as a class 47 follower, which is the original numbers of loco's and units. Platform 5 only now mention only one previous number carried per loco, and even then that is only mentioned if it has been renumbered in the last few years, which – due to the smaller 'A6' size of the P5 book compared to ICRS's 'A5' is a good thing as the numbers had begun to clutter the P5 editions.
  • The A5 size has given ICRS opportunity to mention all previous numbers, even going back as far as the 'D' pre-TOPS identifications.
  • The book is a good effort, although on some pages (including units) I noticed a number of errors, but as per this very website - it can only be as good as information and corrections received.
  • It is wire-bound which makes it easier to open up and underline numbers etc.
  • It is available at Ian Allan bookshops (where I bought mine), or via the ICRS at icrs.org.uk.
  • Priced at £10.99, published 2004***
    *** - New versions presumably available.

    Main Line Loco Hire / Preservation / Online / Sound / Video/DVD / Youtube / Fotopic / Books / Railway Modelling

    railway modelling

    Lima and Hornby class 47's

    I'll be honest, I don't know much about model trains, when I added this in 2005 I didn't even have any track, though I do now. I'll add some photo's one day.
    Loco's I own (bought new) are Lima's 47213, 47710, 47798, and Hornby's 47839. Click the selection of photo's (to be added soon) for a comparison between 47710 (Lima) and 47839 (Hornby), note the differences between the different manufacturers moulds in the headcode panel and marker lights, the size of the head light, the marker lights, the bufferbeam, windscreen wipers, height of the loco (the Hornby one is taller), drivers/secondmans windows, roof markings and the lack of the old steam boiler filler hole on the Hornby loco (should be next to the engine room door).

    photo 47812 Chester 15/02/05, copyright Simon Moore.
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